Cantankerous Old Fart in Lone Star state leaves huge tip for abused waitress as his Last Rites (PG-13: Mild Language)

During the span of George Bush Jr’s reign in the White House this old man would make a Latina waitress get close to sinning her soul at a Tex-Mex cantina with his stinking attitude, little realising her reward would not be in Heaven, but here on Earth…

Melina Salazar was just as stunned as the rest of the townsfolk in Brownsville when she learned that on the old fart’s passing, she was the recipient of a sizable windfall and an auto to boot, according to AP/CNN

She made sure his food was as hot as he wanted, even if it meant he burned his mouth. And she smiled through his demands and curses. The 89-year-old WalterBuckSwords obviously appreciated it, leaving the waitress $50,000 and a 2000 Buick when he died.

When she was interviewed on TV, she stated the obvious reason for her reaction was the perpetual temper of her customer –

Swords, a World War II veteran, died in July. But Salazar learned just a few days before Christmas that he had left her the money and car.

Since she swallowed her pride in many an engagement with the geezer, and considering his last name – you may have to be careful how you pose this, but you could say she was a Sword-Swallower?

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  1. She sure as hell must have “laid” more than his food before him to get this reward!!!

  2. When people are cranky, cantankerous, and just plain difficult to deal with, they are often met with harshness. The waitress put up with his cantankerous ways and prehaps showed him some kindness when the rest of the world did not seem to, at least in his mind. Being a war vet, I am sure that he went through a lot and although he was difficult to deal with, he obviously had a heart of gold underneath all that. War changes people.

    I have found, over the years, that most of the time, when someone is cranky or difficult or even mean, it usually has nothing to do with you… it has more to do with something that happened in their recent or not-so-recent past, and you happen to be the convenient outlet for their misplaced frustrations. Sometimes it helps to realize that often, they are not reacting to you, they are reacting to their past. And sometimes acting opposite of what they expect (being nice when they expect you to be rude in return for their rudeness), it makes a positive impact on them, which, over time, they may actually admire about you.

    I would guess that he admired her for not stooping down to his level, and being kind and nice, despite him being difficult to deal with.


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