BREAKING NEWS: Prince & Spike Lee Reaping From Another’s Sweat: Barbados Attorney sues Corporate Giants In Copyright Scandal

A Bajan attorney has testicles the size of Spalding b-balls, he is not only looking to sue an internationally acclaimed musician, as well as a noted Afro-American film-maker; he has put his case fwd out onto YouTube, here is what eMedia Wire says on the matter (the video is embedded in this item for you to compare and draw your own conclusions on the controversy – borrowing from another Prince song) –

Ernest W. Jackman, Attorney-At-Law in Barbados, filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit (File #2220 Supreme Court of Judicature, Barbados) on behalf of James Brandon’s company, Brandnu Entertainment Inc. The suit argues that the hit single entitled “Girl6“, which was released in 1996 by Spike Lee and performed by Prince, was found to have taken significant portions of the original work of R&B group GOMAB’s song Phone Sex“, a group that Brandon was managing at the time. The lawsuit maintains that GOMAB’s intellectual property was stolen and repackaged as someone else’s work.

The suit filed is against all those who have allegedly infringed on the copyright in one way or the other, and the list is long. They include: Prince, who did the title song, New Power Generation, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks40 Acres & A Mule Musicworks Inc., Twentieth Century Fox Corporation, MGM, HBO, Starz Media, Starz Cinema, Starz In Black, Warner Brothers, Anchor Bay, The Walt Disney Company and Time Warner.

According to Brandon, In 1997-1999 I had several meetings with attorneys in the United States. While the attorneys acknowledged it was a valid case, I didn’t have the monetary means to fund the discovery and court case at the time.Brandon continues to explain, “After managing international acts over the years and just returning from Barbados in 2006, I found that the movieGirl 6was currently running multiple airings on several cable channels (HBO, Starz in Black, Fox Movie Channel, Starz 5 Cinema) making the infringement current. In addition, I also found that the movie just went to DVD in its 10th anniversary edition in 2006 (Anchor Bay released 2006). Since I was doing business and spending a lot of time in Barbados, I decided to take legal action while there.

Brandon retained Attorney Ernest W. Jackman, LLB (Hons) in Barbados who has assembled an impressive legal team and obtained all documents/information needed in 1996 to present so the case can go forward. A Deed of Assignment has been made giving BrandNu Entertainment Inc. the copyrights to the song “Phone Sex“. The suit is filed under an international copyright treaty act at the Supreme Court in Barbados, the base of his company, and promises to be a test case for the act.

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