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DIGICEL (Barbados) Ltd. reaffirmed its commitment to supporting those affected and afflicted with HIV/AIDS on the island when its staff members and its advertising agency, Vision Marketing, recently presented the Ministry of Health?s HIV/AIDS Food Bank with a jumbo-sized barrel full of food items.

The company?s marketing executive, Marquita Sugrim, noted that this was the second year the mobile telecommunications company made such a presentation to the food bank, adding that it was particularly important that everyone plays a part in the fight against the spread of HIV.

?We at Digicel wanted to assist in keeping the hope alive for the many families, including children, who depend on the food bank. For many of them, if they don?t eat as they should, it can lead to added health problems so Digicel?s aim is to assist especially at this time of the year.

?In addition, we make a financial contribution towards the HIV/AIDS Food Bank, an initiative we have supported for over two years,? Sugrim said.

Jamie Hinds, community nutrition officer (Ag) with the AIDS Information Centre, stressed that it was the generosity of corporate Barbados through companies such as Digicel, which allows them to efficiently continue this drive.

The HIV/AIDS Food Bank provides nutritionally balanced food hampers and liquid supplements to people suffering with HIV/AIDS who have difficulty working and supporting themselves.

It also provides a range of educational food counseling information on such topics as healthy eating habits, dealing with dietary challenges, managing medication and food interaction, food preparation, budgeting, exercise, food safety, hygiene and storage.

Digicel?s commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS was further strengthened when the company joined forces with the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS and launched a new free-of-charge service to connect customers across 16 of its Caribbean markets to local HIV/AIDS resources via text messaging by simply texting LIVEUP to 4636.

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