What do athletics and hurricanes have in common? Domestic Technologies International: Ron Campbell?s Brainchild to help folk live safer

Governments, aid agencies and community institutions such as schools, medical clinics and safe areas, are in need of shelter during and after the disaster. Few options are available, yet their services are immediately needed.

This is part of the premise that Ron Campbell had in mind when he saw what damage Hurricane Ivan wrought through the Caribbean three years ago. He devised not only a new type of housing that can float and be steered like a boat if floodwaters get high enough, he also created an emergency kit that should actually be mandatory in every hotel room in the Caribbean or wherever challenges exist like Indonesia or Somalia! This is a true case of thinking locally and acting globally! It’s known as Domestic Technologies International Inc: (246) 230-5105

The Bajan Reporter is very grateful to Ron for letting me be a part of his world in sharing this amazing development in disaster-preparedness!

The ‘chalet in a box‘, which was conceptualised in Barbados and already has UN agencies, international construction and engineering firms and global sporting communities expressing heavy interests, contains both wind-based and solar-powered generators and all it really needs is an external water source (if that source is contaminated – this where the Emergency Kit kicks in), the average two-bedroom unit has a composting type of toilet. The chalet can be built in 4 days with four simple tools with a semi-skilled team.

To avoid translations, instructions are depicted graphically on waterproof paper, plus a tutorial DVD! 60% of the units made from recycled materials, basic furniture amenities, termite/mould/fire resistant, plus it can stand for decades!

The area to operate in is 512 square feet and weighs 3800 lbs. The average unit can be made for 2-bedrooms but the design of the structure lends itself to customisation.

The size and weight of these units before and after construction is factored not only into transportability but also keeping expenses to the essential basics.

The cottage is resistant to winds up to 150mph, therefore if a hurricane’s eye passed again after landfall, the cottage due to its strength would be better prepared for the weakened winds!

Imagine the time and effort saved in creating a village for athletes during a match, there’s no need for hotels and when the games are done, then they can be dismantled until the next tournament!

With all of the housing concerns in Barbados, this is a great starter unit for a newlywed couple now starting their lives. It only needs a very small piece of land to set up!

Now there is a proper roof over your head, then it needs contents, but as I said before? There’s more, their survival pack, since this is still in its developmental stages this is all I can reveal –

The Emergency Survival Kit is equipped for relief from disasters caused by hurricanes, earthquakes, Tsunami or flooding. It addresses the basic needs for food, water, shelter and warmth. It also addresses the need for personal comfort and privacy, in order to help ease the shock caused by an event.

In appearance, the Kit is somewhat similar to a large suitcase with a frame and wheels.

The Emergency Survival Kit can be customized in terms of its contents, according to the needs of the population it would be used for.

The concepts, equipment and designs from Domestic Technologies International Inc. can revolutionise what happens in the wake of a natural or man-made disaster. I am sure the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency or CDERA would be very interested with such inventions and what they can do!

If you are interested in purchasing a unit or have any other queries call this mobile; (246) 230-5105, and you’ll be hearing a lovely voice belonging to company director Dalia Littlewood.

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