UK expats go west – Barbadian West Coast: Because ye olde England not so Merrie now, they want their own Independence [PG-13: Language & Violence]

UK expats go west – Barbadian West Coast: Because ye olde England not so Merrie now, they want their own Independence [PG-13: Language & Violence]


{Ed’s. NoteThose with Attention Deficit Disorders, this entry is not for you – this is a long one. I have sought to verify most of the references made in this item, some were successful and will be quoted/linked accordingly – others only basic details can be accrued. This is more of an opinion piece rather than Gospel, so don’t get touchy. Just take notes and refute intelligently, ok? Last thing – situations are pretty much the same, but names or genders have been switched to help protect identities.}

Happy Independence ppl’s, today let’s see why some UK folk want to be independent of England… Now, back in June I spoke about how a BBC programme implied some folk who buy up Barbados’ west coast can be rather racial – but I learned not all of them are racist pigs, some of them just want to get away from all of the craziness they have to endure in a post-Blair over-Labourised Great Britain.

I was hanging with some dudes after work one day when Errol, an East Coast hotel/restaurant friend I had not seen in a while, came up and talked to me – I later overheard him telling his brother-in-law Jeremy (He’s down from UK, Birmingham – I think) how where he worked he saw a girl behaving wild and the grandmother slapped her! The brat snarled she would call Childline – the parents were doing nothing but sniggering during the whole exchange – and the granny coolly reminded the girl that does not exist here, then smiled very nastily! That girl shut up for the rest of the night.

I couldn’t help but ask what is Childline and the Brit brother-in-law explained this is a facility advertised during their Blue Peter children’s show. If a son or daughter deems their mother or father punished them too brutally they can call and get help – but guess what? Kids abuse the system and there is no real check and balance to prevent the kids from perverting the system.

In Jeremy’s view, it’s why the UK is so fucked up – he faced facts, since in his view, there were 280,000 immigrants waiting to become Brits and 134,000 Brits wanting to sod off for greener pastures. Those that stayed and went to shop at the 99p store, would more than likely have to wait for their cashier’s interpreter to show before business was done!

He says these and many other reasons were why he gave up being an apprentice carpenter and became a computer programmer/web-developer so he can make money faster to get out of Great Blair-land. I interjected the bit about Broadmoor and how they let the inmates smoke but not staff – he told me that’s nothing as over at the Portland Prison of Weymouth, they installed sun-roofs now so convicts can get some light!

He says in that same borough, if a body wanted to take out the entire constabulary force for a night; say, on a Friday or Saturday night – it wouldn’t take much… Just knock a Bobby’s helmet here, piss in a corner there, break a shop-glass and slash a tyre – those four crimes take all eight of Weymouth’s finest from patrol as each report must have both officers present. The least a report is allowed to be is SIX pages long and hand-typed!

Time these misdemeanours right and they can be off the road for six to eight hours or so! If a crime is done by Jamaicans or Pakistanis then Bobbies can do nought until an interpreter arrives!

In my research, this is not strictly true; there is a basis in fact, but there is a loophole in reality –

People from abroad

If you are from abroad, you have the right to tell your High Commission, embassy or consulate your whereabouts. If you are from certain countries where the UK has a special agreement, the High Commission, embassy or consulate will be told about your arrest automatically.

If your first language is not English

If you have difficulty understanding English and the interviewing officer cannot speak your language, you should be provided with an interpreter. The police must not interview you until the interpreter is present unless a delay would mean an immediate risk of harm to someone or serious loss of or damage to property.

It was really fascinating to earn the right to hear his perspective on so many British issues. Errol says when he went to England for Jeremy’s wedding to his sister, his eyes were opened! He told me how he nearly got arrested for smoking at a bus stop!

It seems only Britain follows an EU smoking ban, which Germany, France & Portugal paid a fine to ignore as their bar-sales plummeted. If you want to have a fag at a bus stop then the roof and a wall must be licked off as it’s not a public enclosure then –

…these rules even apply to purpose-built smoking areas. Even if it’s been built specifically for smokers only to get out the cold, 50% of it MUST BE OPEN TO THE ELEMENTS, presumably because otherwise the smokers could sue each other for giving each other lung cancer…

Errol says he saw many a vandalised bus stop while in England! I always remember how one of the UK’s greatest authors; Charles Dickens had the perfect view – Dickens’ Beadle in Oliver Twist said “...the law is a ass,” and never has it seemed more appropriate… Since it seems Brit laws are for upholding and little else, it is felt this is why so many children see themselves as above the law! They are now into murdering adults they can’t stand and looking to avoid consequences!

It seems the preferred method for young murders is to ask if you’d like to meet their mate Stanley, referring to a former construction tool; rather like box-cutters in the USA during 9/11, now Brit adults have to think twice when lecturing a child on its actions –

A young father was knifed to death by teenage thugs who invited him to ‘meet Mr Stanley‘, a court heard yesterday.

Kevin Johnson, 22, was surrounded by the trio in a late-night confrontation outside his house after asking them to keep the noise down.

After a scuffle, one of the gang, Dean Curtis, is said to have asked if he wanted to ‘meet Mr Stanley‘.

It was small consolation the teens were given life, since both Errol & Jeremy say that now in England – once you are not a child molester then your record is expunged after 7 years if you kept your nose clean. So if in EIGHT years you do it again, then a prosecutor CANNOT use the previous incident as evidence! Also, good behaviour entitles a Lifer to serving only 15 years of his sentence!

Again, in Jeremy’s view, the current generation of child-killers would not have been as likely not only for Childline but England getting stroppy over parents bathing with their own children – child laws which now have reached ridiculous extremes in the airline industry!

…a nine-year-old girl was moved from her seat next to a 76-year-old passenger and his wife on a flight from Malaga to London.

Instead her mother was told by a stewardess to take the seat next to retired journalist Michael Kemp and his wife Frances, and the girl was moved to the back of the plane.

Mrs Kemp had booked an aisle seat because a bad leg meant she needed extra space. But as the Airbus A320 filled up, she was asked to swap seats with her husband so that she, not he, would be sitting next to the girl.

Mrs Kemp politely declined, explaining to the stewardess that she had asked for an aisle seat to avoid discomfort during the three-hour flight.

But when Mr Kemp offered to move to the window seat so that the girl could sit between him and his wife, the stewardess said it would still breach the airline’s child-welfare regulations.

Mr Kemp, from Kensington, West London, said last night: “The little girl’s mother put her in the window seat next to me and then went to her own seat further back.

When everyone was seated, the stewardess asked my wife if she would sit next to the girl. Frances explained why she couldn’t move and I thought I could resolve the problem by moving up and letting the girl sit between us.

To my amazement, the stewardess said BA had a rule that no unaccompanied child under 16 may be seated next to an adult male stranger – even if there’s a woman on the other side.

The discussion went on for several minutes but she refused to back down and said we could not take off until the problem was sorted out. I heard her muttering to a colleague that everyone would have to disembark.

She didn’t seem embarrassed – just rather irritated that it was taking up so much time.

The whole thing caused a good deal of inconvenience which could have been avoided if BA had spotted the problem when we booked our tickets.”

But let’s get this straight, if you think Stanley Knives are just for teens, think again; there are adults brandishing them in the name of Soccer, and getting away with it too –

Hooligan is a look inside football’s first family of fear, the ICF. Before them football hooligans could be easily identified as Doc Marten, Levi and Ben Sherman wearing skin heads, not anymore. The ICF changed the entire football violence landscape; they were professionals from all walks of life. Designer clothes-wearing, first class travel using and above all, organised. They made prior appointments with rival clubs firms and travelled first class to meet them, always with their special friend Stanley. Once a humble builder’s tool, the Stanley knife became the weapon of choice for those involved. No football colours, colours were for scarfers (normal supporters), no singing and if it was a drab northern ground probably no match as the meet had been arranged for elsewhere. City centres were reduced to little more that looted shops and burnt out cars, innocent by-standers civilians looked on in horror as the rival firms fought with each other, and the police. No longer were the participants mindless tribes of knuckle dragging youths, the ICF were a new breed of otherwise successful, mostly well off people who got off on violence for its own sakes.

When I heard all of this, it was so much to digest and I wondered what’s the point of remaining a citizen there, I asked. Exactly, they intoned. But the horse has long fled the barn, Jeremy snarled, and Bobbies are only now trying to stem the tide with the heavily regulated legislation they try to move through –

Police today said the increase was largely down to stricter law enforcement, with more patrols targeting knife carriers.

The force has completed a string of operations aimed at cutting knife crime, particularly in the city centre.

But the murders of city teenagers Christopher Bruce, Liam Melvin and Jamie Ewart during the past year have raised concerns a knife culture is growing in the Capital.

The new figures show that 465 offences of possession of a bladed weapon were recorded by police between April last year and March. This compares to 275 during the same period between 2004 and 2005, a rise of 69 per cent.

Jeremy says these and other insane events are most of the REAL reasons that so many UK expats flock to Barbados, since it is like where they were accustomed to living without the insanity. Although they are concerned now if Barbados may turn that way too in other matters like an increasing cost of living and what that can drive ppl to do.

So in the end, are these British folk by buying our West Coast up, are they truly independent from all that which ails them?

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One response to “UK expats go west – Barbadian West Coast: Because ye olde England not so Merrie now, they want their own Independence [PG-13: Language & Violence]”

  1. Bimbro Avatar

    Hi Ian, could n’t help agreeing with your friend’s anslysis that Britain is well and truly, fucked-up! If I could I’d leave here tomorrow, but various reasons make that not possible, at the moment!

    I hope that Bim can mangage to avoid this insanity, & Blair & the rest of them give the impression that it’s paradise!!!!

    What a laugh! In some respects it is excellent compared to many other countries but in others, it’s pathetic!

    Pray that Bim does n’t follow suit!

    Intelligent policies for an intelligent, responsible people, is what’s required!!!!

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