Bungee-Jumping Bajan Journalist/Musician survived – Live at Circa 28 tomorrow (USA: Shameless Plug)

After going under to where Lord Of the Rings was made, the leaping frog out to save the Universe has a new mission –

Hello you, my name is me. Well, it’s Fitzroy actually, but whatever. I hope you’re well.

Two U.S. shows left for 2007 – there’s a December gig in Barbados – one of them being tomorrow night at Circa 28. Check out the e-flyer below.

2008 brings with it all of the stuff I’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last 10 months or so that I’m dying to unleash. I can almost taste a bit of blood on my tongue from bitting my lip trying not to blurt out what’s in the works. Big news and big tunes to come. You’ll see, and hear, and dig it… soon.

As of this moment however, I’m getting ready for tomorrow night. Swing through if you can and let’s all dance a jig.

Peace and fishgrease (rich in Omega-3),


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