Barbadian Shopping Centre actually realises Independence is before Christmas – Praise & Salutations

I browsed Barbados Free Press recently and they were agreeing with Go Web how many merchants have allowed the commercial interpretation of Christmas to overshadow this country’s birthday…

For those of you that don?t live in Barbados, Independence Day is November 30th. Despite this fact, from as early as the first week in November, Christmas advertisements and promotions can be seen and heard. It leaves me to wonder what would happen if someone went to the USA and tried supersede the July 4th Celebrations.

However, not all businesses are created equal! Believe it or not … Sheraton Mall actually has gold and ultramarine bunting draped along the front of their car park.

The main building actually has a proud banner acknowledging their appreciation of Barbados’ journey to achieve sovereign statehood.

Then when you get inside? All the usual elves, deer and SNOW-PEOPLE (Can you tell me why are references to winter abounding in a tropical clime? More proof of global warming and insane weather!) are hiding behind trees are waiting to either rape you or join with your kids in beating you to an inch of your life to buy a toy you can never afford and they will bust up two days after Xmas and probably forget 30 minutes after they tore away the wrapping paper.

Sigh, at least they tried outside, eh?

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