Popular Dancehall entertainer Mavado launches a new charity: CONNECT JAMAICA to ensure all local schools are able to connect to the Internet.

With the advent of the Internet, the world has become smaller and a lot more accessible for anyone with access to a computer and an Internet connection. The Internet has become an integral part of many people’s daily routine around the globe. Access to information, jobs, friends and family abroad, even making visa appointments, is now all much easier through the Internet. The majority of Jamaicans however, do not even have access to a computer, much less the Internet. Mavado wants to help change that.

We are thinking long term and my aim is to try and get a computer and Internet connection into every school in Jamaica,” Mavado announced. “There are hundreds of schools in Jamaica that are in dire need of a computer and access to the Internet. My manager and I had bought some computers recently to give away to some schools, and the idea just snowballed from there.

To start off, Mavado will donate computers and printers to 4 schools next week: Charlie Smith High School in Arnett Gardens, Constant Spring High, Shortwood Practising and Swallowfield All Age next week. The school’s principals are all extremely grateful for the donations, as they were in desperate need of computers.

CONNECT JAMAICA will be taking advantage of the telecommunications provider Flow Jamaica‘s offer of free Internet connection to all public high schools, with a view to getting all Basic and All Age schools on board over the next two years.

CONNECT JAMAICA aims to donate computers every month to schools around the island, raising funds via various events and donations.

Mavado’s annual Birthday Bash dubbed the Real McKoy will take place this year on Saturday December 1 st at the Temple Hall Estate in St Andrew and will be donating a significant portion of the proceeds towards purchasing computers for CONNECT JAMAICA.

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