When Al-Qaeda was banned in A-Minor: Roma Carabinieri sought Weapons of Mas’ Destruction in Vain

First, thanks to BFP, who in showing one story led me to this one! The Daily Mail uncovered the latest terrorist cell …. inside a steel pan case?

A Caribbean steel band returning to London was turned off a plane by armed police after a passenger thought they were terrorists.

The five British musicians, on their way home after playing at a festival in Sardinia, were taken off the Ryanair flight after one of their members, who is blind, was reported to the pilot as acting “suspiciously“.

Ah, blind man with cane? Has no one heard of Daredevil? He must be trouble, but hang on – check some more…

…a passenger near the men believed they were behaving suspiciously and reported them to cabin crew.

Italian military police were called and took the whole band off the plane.

Mr Toussaint presented his disability card and removed his sunglasses to prove he was blind yet even after he was cleared by the airport authorities Ryanair still refused to let him, or the rest of the group, reboard the plane.

Don’t you know those soccer scores were really CODE, ye daft berk! As for getting a refund –

A compensation claim against Ryanair is due to be heard at the Mayor’s and City of London Court on 28 November.

The airline offered the men ?100 each and flight vouchers, but the musicians say that does not even cover the cost of their train tickets and they are seeking ?800 for their distress and inconvenience… Ryanair was unavailable for comment.

Next time you want a safe flight leave them instruments home, you may end up with a sourer note than you’d like!

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  1. i feel for these guys


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