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Virgin Atlantic’s Birdman 3 – can be confused with Gilbey’s or Coney Island’s July 4th contest

Virgin Atlantic’s Birdman 3 – can be confused with Gilbey’s or Coney Island’s July 4th contest

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It may have been sponsored by Virgin Atlantic, but this year’s Birdman could just as well have been sponsored by Gilbey’s GinDive Right In! Few soarers, mostly bombers but all in the quest for 1,500 dollars spending money and 4 tickets to London on Virgin’s Premium Economy section!

All kinds of characters participated, there were the Spice Gulls, as opposed to the Spice Girls –

There was no Snoopy, but there was a Red Baron

There was also another bar competing within the confines of The Boatyard, which continues to host Birdman – it seems the Lucky Horseshoe‘s bull has a name and it’s Biff (doesn’t it seem weird and vaguely cannibalistic when you see cartoon animals encouraging you to eat their real kin? StarKist Tuna, Chickmont’s Monty and Biff, urging you to look for steak – at least Miss Piggy gets outraged)!

Another contest was like the annual event at Nathan’s at Coney Island; the hotdog eating contest for 1 Premium Economy ticket to London…

You were required to down FOURTEEN hotdogs in 12 minutes!

The winner – called Orlando – downed 10 of the 14, apparently he ate a cheeseburger before competing as well, he was tall and bony! He ate the sausage, then soaked the bread and rammed it down his throat – and bragged after how not once did he regurgitate!

A white guy came second with 9, as soon as he learned he won? He started barfing, bleah!

This guy in this video came 4th with only six hotdogs, apparently he lost by making the mistake of watching the other competitors and starting to feel gaggy himself, he thought he could win due to his regular appetite –

The emcee for the whole shindig is still Samud Ali, and he revealed the record is 66 hotdogs for the SAME 12 minutes! Whoa, Nelly!

Eventually, there was a flying start, and one of the competitors was Jason West, a previous winner – I thought his contraption was way too big and there should be a time-limit for assembling in future events.

Unfortunately, I had other pressing family engagements and had to leave before the winner was announced or even get to see Beatlemania, sigh!


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    The Red Baron will be seeking revenge for his downing (structural failure obviously due to sabotage and not shoddy construction) next year, Virgin willing!

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