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Update on Bushy Park Mishap: Sept 2nd incident hurt more vehicles than people

Update on Bushy Park Mishap: Sept 2nd incident hurt more vehicles than people

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I recall when Amit at Pull-Push was concerned earlier this month about what could have been another tragedy involving vehicles, and at one of the island’s premiere racing circuits –

I called a friend of mine who is an avid motor sports fan, and who is, at the time of this post (1653 hrs) at Bushy Park. Details are still sketchy as I could barely hear him over the sound of the passing race cars. From what I could understand, sometime around 9 AM, a ten-wheeler dump truck rolled down a hill (to the left of the spectator’s stand) and injured eight people, two of them suffered serious injuries. The ten-wheeler also struck a few motor vehicles on the way down.

Judging by the background noise while speaking to him via cellphone, the races were not called off and got underway by around 10:30 AM.

The Barbados Free Press also was concerned –

A parked truck rolled on its own into a group of race spectators. Could have been much much worse. Click on the photo to read the news story.

Original BFP article?

Can Any Of Our Readers Provide More Details?

?From catastrophe to catastrophe – thirteen spectators injured at Bushy Park today.?

Posted by BFP reader ?Thistle? at 1:05pm today. We haven?t been able to find any news reports.

Update: Barbados Underground says?

?BU understand that a truck was left in gear with the handbrake up. it rolled down a hill but a person in the passenger seat was able to steer it away from danger.?

But I just heard on 92.5FM the announcer expressing prayers for all the people who were hurt in the accident today.

Well, The Bajan Reporter was finally able to hook up some photos and show what did and didn’t happen – in all, I’d say Bajans were damn lucky this time around!


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