(UPDATE) Baby Barbadian Green Monkey for sale: SOLD! – As petitions continue for their preservation

As Barbadians become more sensitive to animal rights, PETA and CARE are stepping up efforts to save the Green Monkey, they’re directing online petitions to the Tourism Ministry – this concern was pioneered by Miguel Drayton in his darkly humoured “From Barbados With Love“; and now one of these critters native to Barbados has been saved from an uncertain fate, thanks to a regular contributor –

This baby monkey was discovered last Thursday confined to a small bird cage, lethargic, dehydrated and undernourished.

The sales assistant said this one is not for sale as they plan to “raise” it in the store, but if it bites them again they would have to beat it some more – which led to its rescue from that establishment…

The RSPCA had been called and they promised to investigate over the weekend.

Bajan Reporter will see what happened, but in the meanwhile, the lady who saved it would like for increased public/private sector cooperation on animal affairs, because caring for a primate means you have to be COMMITTED to look after it! Not if you think it’s just fashionable to say you have one!

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  1. I have visited Barbados many times and have seen serious lack of animal protection there.It is sad to see this on such a small island.

  2. Sound like the pet stores needs to be educated on what not to sell!

  3. If overpopulation is the reason for the killing of the monkeys maybe try to spay/neuter the animals instead to keep the population down?

  4. Thank you for the update!

  5. this is so terrible. those poor innocent animals. what can we do to help stop this crime?

  6. I known pepole who abuse there animals but never that bad.Every time I see something like this it makes me sad for the animals and it makes me mad that pepole would do this to poor defencless animals. I mean why would u do something like that?

  7. Hello my name is Gwen and I think it is stupid to not take care of your animal/animals. If you need any help I would love to take in this little monkey I have been wanting a monkey for a long time now and this would be great.
    Please write me back at
    Thank you very much and have a great day god bless


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