Two tiger sharks caught off of coastline by Bath in St John

I got this from a former colleague of mine, but unfortunately he could not provide much details, he even went so far as to consult the originating source for me, but –

“…he said this is nornal in this area and around the cement plant…” BTW: that little boy is sure as r***h*le brave enough to grab the fin, sharks even after caught have been known to reflexively snap!

So if you have any word on this then drop a comment or send me an e-mail! As it is, I thought Barbados was shark-free so this both interesting and a bit scary, since I have no wish to be the reason a shark has cholesterol problems!

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  1. Hello!
    I have just returned to the UK today from Barbados and was very interested to see your photo of the 2 sharks hanging by the beach. I believe that whilst on a diving trip on Thursday I had a good view (encounter) with a shark which I believe to be this species and the same size, and colourings. I pointed it out to my dive buddy (a Canadian diver) who also got a clear view and we were then lucky enough to get a further good look at it 10 minutes later when it passed under us for the second time.
    Can you please provide any further information regarding these sharks, what species are they and where were they caught?
    Kind regards,

  2. I was sent the pics a while back – never got any further info, sorry!

  3. Tiger sharks.

  4. BTW- You don’t want a tiger shark to be passing under you. If you’re a diver, best to keep all aggressive sharks above you at all times. They attack from below.


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