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  1. Dickey came again – Barbadian women were thrilled as US Author defends hip hop parody

    Eric Jerome Dickey came to Cave Shepherd and boy, were Bajan women happy! The Vista branch was the first to receive him yesterday and we learned that there were at least 200 women waiting to see him for Tuesday night! According to the evening’s videographer, they snaked around the building! There was a similar rush […]

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  2. Barbadian cops continue to engage in heavy pursuit of perpetrators and seek info about a drug haul from August

    On the morning of Saturday 25th August 2007, an operation was conducted headed by The Police Drug Squad and included the Police Marine Unit and the Barbados Coast Guard, at a beach at Atlantic Shores, Christ Church. During the operation several men in a boat were encountered along with a motorcar, which was in the […]

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  3. A call for Barbadians to heed the Midday Minute Silence for Peace

    A number of churches across Barbados will open for the International Day for Peace on Friday, September 21. Church bells will also toll at a number of churches at 12 noon to signal the start of the ?Midday Minute Silence for Peace?. The Anglican Church of Barbados is celebrating the day at a number of […]

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  4. Results from Barbadian sponsored Ernest Courtney Simon Memorial Sports Festival 2007 (in Guyana) – Next year Canada, USA & Dominica wish to compete

    Remember that Damon Corrie was in Guyana with a special event to commemorate a fallen comrade? Like an Amerindian version of the Olympics? This is an amazing venture, gathered together in a rush and created a huge wave of support throughout the region and overseas! Well, Bajan Reporter e-mailed him and we got a totally […]

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  5. British Navy is Main Anchor for Hurricane Relief in the Caribbean: Half a Million pounds in aid sent

    The UK?s Department for International Development (DFID) has allocated more than ?500,000 (more than one million US dollars) to provide temporary shelters, medical care, drinking water, sanitation, food and other necessities for those most affected in Belize, Jamaica, St Lucia, Dominica and Haiti in the aftermath of recent hurricanes in the Caribbean. The aid is […]

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  6. The Barbadian Night Sky – Get trained to read it w/”An Introduction to Astronomy” (Shameless plug)

    Have you always loved to look into the night sky? Are you looking to expand your horizons or take up a new hobby? Well, you’re in luck!!! This ten week multi media-event will take place every Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm at our headquarters The Harry Bayley Observatory in Clapham, and will cover The Solar […]

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  7. (U P D A T E D) $ilver Dollar$ for Children 2007 Postponed! (Charity)

    Based on the recent series of tragic events occurring in the island and the impact that these events have had on the affected families, and after careful consideration and discussion with the recipient charities, it has been determined by the Board of the Kiwanis Club of Bridgetown, that it would be the best interest of […]

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  8. BVI Poetry, Hip-Hop and Youth Sports: Callaloo, CORE & Buzz – what’s hot or not?

    The next time Barbados holds a poetry slam, I want to see some of the very powerful stock from both the US and British Virgin Islands come over and give us all a really good run for the money! I wish you’d just wake upI miss your conversationI would hurt if I woke you up […]

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  9. View to a “Kill” – South Coast Restaurant has Management change before it opens

    One of Bajan Reporter‘s pet projects has been to keep a track of what has or has not been happening on the South Coast with its rather top-heavy bar/restaurant industry. We spoke of a new establishment that was going to debut July 28th then after Kadooment, and then …? This was to be called The […]

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  10. Barbadian Artists at the Brooklyn Museum: Too cool for the so-called NY Cool?

    Joscelyn Gardner, Annalee Babb and Ewan Atkinson are not in Barbados right now – they’re part of a contingent of 45 artists over in Brooklyn at their Museum – where they’re having an exhibition called “Infinite Island“ Sally Williams of the Brooklyn Museum enlightens viewers how 14 Caribbean territories are participating, as well as expounding […]

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  11. Ministry of Health to do some more fogging around: St. James, St Philip, St George, St John & Christ Church

    The recently restarted fogging programme by the Ministry of Health will target the parishes of St John, St Philip, St George, Christ Church and St. James as they continue their efforts to rid the island of the Aedes Egypti mosquito.The following parishes will get fogged up as of Monday, September 17 to Friday, September 21, […]

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  12. Kite 2nd Disk Launch at Jumbies on Thursday 20th September 2007 (Shameless Plug)

    “Thirteen Degrees North” and video premier will be launched at Jumbies in the St Lawrence gap on Thursday 20th September! Doors will be open from 9pm! Come party like a Rockstar! Cheers,Brian and JJ

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  13. When Al-Qaeda was banned in A-Minor: Roma Carabinieri sought Weapons of Mas’ Destruction in Vain

    First, thanks to BFP, who in showing one story led me to this one! The Daily Mail uncovered the latest terrorist cell …. inside a steel pan case? A Caribbean steel band returning to London was turned off a plane by armed police after a passenger thought they were terrorists. The five British musicians, on […]

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  14. Tired of Bootleg DVD’s with people walking in front of the stars? Go to where the VIP booth for Olympus was… Shameless Plug!

    Late last year, while this News-Blog was still in diapers, we examined how higher prices at Olympus Expo may force many Bajans to buy illegal DVD‘s… As we all know, quite a few ppl get sick of laughter at wrong spots, popcorn flying in air, or people leaving or going to the bathroom – not […]

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  15. SKN’s Teen Mothers Programme – A Blueprint for Success

    Over in St Kitts & Nevis, their Teen Mothers Programme had its share of challenges since it was implemented a decade ago, but Director of Gender Affairs Ingrid Charles-Gumbs told SKNIS that the commitment of the government and the resulting benefits are what drive the success of the initiative.   Australian cricket players Mike Hussey […]

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  16. TRAILER: A view to a “kill”; Callaloo for hungry poets; Caribbean art in Brooklyn – while Kite soars and women ready to play with Dickey

    Let’s whet your appetite and look way ahead for this News-Blog – Bajan Reporter will attend one of the open sittings at Cave Shepherd when Bajan women get their share of Dickey, the US author famous for keeping it real with female perspectives, sex, and action – what about Eric Jerome’s days as a computer […]

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  17. Bangladesh Put “WI” to the blade – Sarwan admits they were superior (PG-13)

    Twenty20, where cow-swipes at a fastball can either make or break a test and even pelting may be, um, misinterpreted or misconstrued. Maybe what is different is the fact there were no massive incentives like other similar games? Well, the sad fact is the LOSE-dies (as opposed to them being WIN-dies) have been sent packing […]

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  18. Barbados’ Codrington High School 90th Anniversary Reunion (Shameless Plug)

    September 17th to 23rd 2007 A summons has been issued for a reunion to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Codrington High School. The public is invited to visit their blog to see also information regarding (Anyone has pics they can send ’em? The blog looks a wee bit sparse): ? The schedule […]

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  19. Barbadian Bowler says “WI” Have To Fight Harder

    West Indies fast bowler Fidel Edwards spoke with the media after the team’s practice session at Wanderers. Following are excerpts from his responses to various issues raised with him by journalists. On what the dominant emotion is after losing the opening game: We’re obviously disappointed. We know where we went wrong, we didn’t bowl as […]

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  20. Foundation School Teenager is Missing – Barbados Police need YOUR assistance to locate her NOW

    Police want Barbadians to do their part in helping find a missing girl. Sade Millington, 15 years, of #2 Lower Crescent, Gall Hill, Christ Church was last seen departing from the home of her grandmother, Rosalind Millington, about 11:45 am on Thursday, 30th August 2007. DESCRIPTION The Foundation School student is 4? 6? tall, of […]

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    Voting – when constitutionally due, or a snap poll? Nobody’s officially saying yet, but Barbados’ Electoral and Boundaries Commission will hold the first in a series of town hall meetings for electors in the 13 constituencies affected by changes to polling districts next week – and it may well be a lively discussion every time. […]

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    Phase one of the Warner Park redevelopment project is now complete, signaling an end to mass construction at St Kitts? premiere sporting facility. The completion of the football stadium was the final activity under this Phase, which also saw the transformation of the cricket field to a world class multipurpose complex where major international events […]

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    The next time you visit the National Assistance Board it may well be a breath of fresh air, as they’re closing their office at ?Murrell House,? Country Road, St. Michael this Friday, September 14 to perform a thorough cleaning of their air-conditioning units. All other offices of the National Assistance Board will be open for […]

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  24. Barbadian Musician Journalist into Extreme Sports; or – Frog Boy takes the leap (WTR?)

    I was going thru my YouTube membership which I usually surfed anonymously and was glad I did… My friend Fitzroy who looks at himself as the Frog out to save the Universe is really taking his name literally and is now doing all kinda blasted crazy leaps on the other side of the world! It […]

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  25. Pitiful Excuse from WI Captain: Heartbreaking To Lose

    Unfortunately, many folk this side of the world are not even sighing about the string of West Indies defeats now, it’s just like “Oh, again?” Yup, we’re talking about today’s dismal performance of the LOSE-dies in the ICC‘s Twenty20 that some call the Windies, their Media Manager has been making sure they don’t mess up […]

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