Barbadian Handicapped Parking Spots: Government of Barbados must license users with appropriate legislation

Back in July, I spoke about handicapped parking – I spoke of how DaCosta Mannings in Fontabelle have their reserved places right by the entrance as shown in this photo –

What these don’t show was a man in a red jeep just pulling up, I got mad and spoke to him personally! He says he is only using the ATM… I say the spot is not for easing Debit-Card users but to allow either ppl like myself who chauffeur someone disabled or a challenged individual that can still drive to get in easily to shop. He looks at me and says he’ll only be a minute as he needs cash…

I dunno if it’s because I whipped out my camera, but he runs back out and says the ATM is not working and I reply with an evil smirk that God does not like ugly, he shakes his head and jumps in the jeep and speeds off.

What has happened to Bajan society that we cannot respect a simple privilege for someone who cannot move as quickly as the rest of us? In my view, if it cannot be honoured then Parliament needs to create necessary laws and regulations where island constables can ticket, log and even arrest abusers of this privilege!

These photos shown are the correct way – empty for the right users; near to the entrance and larger than normal if there is a wheelchair involved.

Those who are entitled to this right – be it Chauffeur (yours truly, re: My Mother) or the Challenged – must have a symbol on their license plate with a relevant serial number so no fly-by-sh**e operator can’t just engrave such a logo on a plate. If Barbados can force ppl 2 wear safety belts when they hate them and still chase after folks who are not using them, then they can do the same – not just for Handicapped Parking but illegal dumping and littering as well!

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