Abusers Of Handicapped Parking On Camera – Barbados Free Press bags and tags them

As we all know, one of my main grouses is ppl abusing parking set aside for those who can be physically challenged, now Barbados Free Press took it one step further by giving proof that unfortunately even Govt vehicles are guilty!

I see I have the same e-mail which explains even further what happened at Tri-Mart in Haggatt Hall, I hope relevant authorities from the appropriate department are paying attention (just thanking God this is not SSA) –

Two grown hard backed government workers, not just parked in a handicapped spot but DOUBLE PARKED, [then proceeding to take] their cool time to order from the Deli inside and proceeded to eat lunch in the vehicle….

As long as there is no legislation or appropriate measures to back needed laws, then there are those Bajans (who are sub-human and make pigs seem like Einstein in intellect and Gandhi with compassion) that will continue to flout what is not only a courtesy but a reality.

There are cars for ppl to drive even if they are wheelchair-bound! How can they get about their business under limited circumstances?

Using personal experience, when my mother was in the supermarket be it wheelchair or crutches, you feel ppl gave her an ease? Hell, no! I would bark at them if they can’t see or incapable of understanding, and some would mutter why is she there? When I challenged that, they grew mute and sailed off quickly – stinking cowards!

I broke my right leg back in 2004, I was at the cinema – with a cast in plain sight – and normally I do not place my foot on chairs, since the weight of the cast, albeit fibreglass, was extra I put my leg between chairs and on the armrest… AFTER OKAYING THIS WITH THE USHERS, but a man says to me from the row ahead to take my foot off the chair and I explain and point to the cast… He says then I shouldn’t be there, I was about to wash his tail in some real Bajan when the wife begged me to desist.

If there is a large cross-section of Barbadians who have no consideration for animals, then how can we expect them to show compassion over someone disabled – temporary or permanently? Since there is no compassion, have no mercy; hurl the whole frigging law library at them, as well as Harrison’s Point and if there are not enough cops to enforce? Let’s do like Bermuda and poach from other islands, offer perks and tax-returns if not higher pay… Law must be restored, since if folk ignore parking spots, what will follow?

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  1. This is truly disgraceful behaviour in a so-called developing country !
    As for bringing more cops to help control law and order… great idea, but one has to look at why the ones we have are running to the Bahamas and such places. It is truly a sad day when the PM makes statements to law men telling them not to expect higher salaries, and almost justifying the flight of lawmen to other territories by saying that we (Barbados) has always been known to train police for the region (not those exact words but something akin to it). Of all the people working for government, it is the police who deserve to be well paid as theirs is a job of great responsibility protecting everyone including those big paid politicians. Then we wonder why some cops can be so indifferent when they’re probably just frustrated with their conditions. Well, if that’s the approach government takes, perhaps that is the calibre they’ll attract as demonstrated in the photo above !


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