Sequel to Relaxation: Irony? Decline Invite due to Workload; Almond Beach in Sept’07 (#500 & Shameless Plug)

Sequel to Relaxation: Irony? Decline Invite due to Workload; Almond Beach in Sept’07 (#500 & Shameless Plug)


For the 500th entry I am dedicating it to a sequel, there is a Bajan in Mississauga who teaches ppl to slow down, he’s here and actually invited me to the session but it goes from the 17th to the 24th however – ironically, that’s big work for me where I earn my salary!

But now he’s here laying the groundwork for the relaxation course and added some more info –

Relaxation Retreat in

Beautiful, Sunny Barbados

September 17 – 24

Join well-known healer, teacher and guide, Cecil McIntosh, at the beautiful Almond Beach Resort for a limited seating Relaxation Retreat this September and discover how to bring serenity into your hectic, high-octane life. Anywhere, Anytime.

You?ll meet with Cecil and 49 other students daily to learn relaxation skills based on the perfect combination of ancient Eastern teachings and the latest in contemporary, client-centered therapies including Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), positive visualization and hypnosis. The Empty Your Cup? Process is exclusive to Cecil McIntosh.

Cecil McIntosh B.B.M., CHt.

The Benefits?

  • An increased ability to focus regardless of environment

  • The elimination of the stress triggers in your life

  • Greater control over your emotions ? every day!

  • Improved abilities to work with, and even, lead, others

  • A clearer perspective on your place in the world

  • A happier, healthier you all year ?round

It?s not all work, however. You?ll have ample time to enjoy the luxurious Almond Beach Resort with sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters just a few steps away. Prices include all meals and beverages, sumptuous accommodations.

We hope you?ll join us. We offer preferred pricing for attendees and the luxurious amenities you?ve come to expect when you?re our guest.

In A Hurry!

Click here to download a PDF of ?7 Day Relaxation Retreat in Barbados? order form And FaxBack to Marge

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