Raging Debate: Use or not use a variation of an old method to dry sneakers? Stepdaughter of Barbadian Blogger freaks out on discovery

I may be showing my age here, but do you remember when you could take almost anything and put it behind the fridge to dry overnight?

Nowadays, with those same refrigerators so fuel efficient, I defy you to still find a model to perform such required laundry duty – especially when August cannot decide if it’s dry or wet! In fact, during the first few days of this month, my clothes eventually dried in a stale smell due to the humidity and/or moisture in the air – but when I needed boxers or socks right away, it occurred to me how to add a use to a modern day appliance to serve an old time-honoured function…

Toast your unders and socks in the microwave!

I was bragging about it to the wife, who wished she thought of it herself – and then the 2nd step-daughter jooks in her mouth utterly horrified as she is a young chef and is looking at food security. We try to tell her as the microwave nukes the clothes, there are no germs to transfer, but she makes the Rock Of Gibraltar look like a NERF ball, so we hush as her jaw is jutting worse than the Nutcracker.

What about you? Have you ever toasted items in the microwave as an emergency measure? I am not saying do it all the time, but only when needed… I am curious, so be truthful – but names are optional!

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