Urgent Need For Blood – Barbadians need to go to QEH immediately

Again, from ye olde trusty bajan.reporter@gmail.com address, received this urgent notice –

Dear friends and news agencies,

Please see the following information requesting brotherly and sisterly assistance.

If you are able, please lend a hand to a local sister by whatever means possible –

e-forwarding, releasing via the media or most importantly, visiting the QEH blood bank on Monday.

This is not a joke email and the family would appreciate your help. Let us keep the network alive.

Nichole Murray (B.A. Psyhology. Hons. UWI)

Public Relations Officer, BYDC

This is even further confirmed by an accompanying message within the message –

Hi Guys

It ‘s Amanda Browne, I have a critical need , my sister Dionna Browne who is currently in Hospital, she needs blood for a transfusion and there is an urgent need for blood. If you are over 120 Lbs and in perfectly good health or God moves you to go. Please as early as Monday go to the blood Bank of Queen Elizabeth Hospital and say that you are donating blood for her, she is currently in ward C9. Please be praying for her now it is a trying time for the family and everyone seemingly to be getting sick. If you are moved to send this e-mail to your friends you have my permission to do so.

Her blood type is A- and it would help to find ppl of that type but at this stage the type does not matter, if u are moved to donate blood do it without hesitation thanks.

Just to give to direction as to how to prayer, she has systemic lupus and a few other illness which resulted as the disease aged in her body. For anyone who knows me ,knows that I am a woman of prayer and I am believing God to get all the Glory in the situation and heal my sister. God did not walk around in his time giving ppl sickness, he healed them so I pray that God would heal and deliver her from this illness that has been upon her life. I believe by faith that these dry bones can life, I speak life and declare that she will live and not die, agree with me and send it to a friend.

Thanks A lot

May God Bless you as Matthew 5 declares blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
For what it’s worth I can personally confirm the QEH is low on blood, my mom who’s diabetic is there and needs Type “O” – the most popular and most used… but there’s none! I would have given half my blood, but they say that because I had jaundice as a baby for 3 weeks that I cannot give even though I have the Universal Donor type of blood, sigh!
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