News-Blog gets tagged by Prominent American Blog: Rank soars in Technorati scale (Bragging)

Stopped a night at Woodpecker Pub in Hastings and chance upon a good associate from Simpson Motors, we spoke of Blogging and he said how he enjoys Undercover Black Man by a scriptwriter from Hollywood… I decide to take a peek once I get home – and was instantly amazed and amused!

UBM (for short) among many other items covers tidbits like the history of a would-be presidential rescuer in 1901, and why some officials were embarrassed and tried to discredit him…

He also ran a test and I dropped some comments and also discovered another Invisible Woman but not from the Baxter Building; the kicker was when he used one of my gadgets and credited me for it – I still blush my li’l ole light-skinned yaller self, LOL

Then I check my Technorati ranking which I have not done in a while – 30 folks link to me and I have soared along the ranks of this Irish inventor up to 210-K, as Blade silently mouthed in his first flick when he fought the Elder-God pimped Deacon… “WTF?” (That infamous phrase has been now bowdlerised on the Internet to Where’s The Fire?)

I want to offer so many thanks here and the great thing is? No orchestra will rush me off the goddamn stage, LMAO

Gallimaufry, What Crazy Looks Like, Barbados Free Press, El Toro Loco and Outpost-Earth among soooo many! I lay my sword at your respective feet!

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  1. Cheers, Mr. Bourne. Thanks for the linkage, and the kind words.

    The coolest thing about blogging, to me, is reaching beyond national boundaries… beyond oceans… all from my house.

    (Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to actually leave the house. This blogging thang is more habit-forming than cigarettes.)

  2. The last paragraph in brackets is very true – but I use the News-Blog as an impetus to go out of the house and look for stories to carry here! So, it’s difficult but it can work…


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