M I L E S T O N E – 400th Post: Barbadians need to respect Handicap Parking spots

This is a momentous occasion, started late December and now we are at late July and Four Hundred posts later, so in my view this entry needs a pithy matter –

If I am wrong and it can be proven, I am willing to update or delete this entry, let me know via bajan.reporter@gmail.com

But do these shots taken at Big B from Saturday 28th July strike you as a disabled person parked in this spot?

I have a big bugbear over such incorrect use as my mom is a diabetic with feet which had surgery, and when she does get out and about, she needs those spots like how you need water after crossing the Sahara.

For that matter, Big B needs to do like their BS&T cousins DaCosta-Mannings Fontabelle branch and have the Handicap spots closer to the entrance and put their shuttle service where they currently house their Handicap Service (one sign was knocked down and they have the single indicator left)!

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  1. Hi Ian,

    Congrats on your 400th post!

    Remember what you and I spoke about a while back at the Woodpecker: Time for you to get a domain and start branching out!


  2. As someone who is disabled (C5 quadriplegic), I can’t tell how many times have been inconvenienced because some able bodied moron has parked in the handicapped parking space.
    I think the government should introduce hefty fines for such offenders,I guess that wont happen because they are too busy looking after their own interest.

  3. congrats on post #400!!!!!

  4. Hi Ian,

    I think that we should have a couple stickers made up for those that hog the handicap spots that say “Physical! Not Mental!” Preferably with a glue that will destroy the paint job.

    Like your mother I am diabetic and suffer from terrible nerve pain in my legs and it would be wonderful to have a spot close to the door sometimes only to find some idiot in as lowered off, sports car trying to impress his woman. Life ain’t fair though.

    Keep up the good work! And congrats on the 400. Looking forward to the 1K 😉

  5. Ouch, that’s a bit harsh, LOL! But I do agree with Amit I have to start developing this now into a full site, thanx!!


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