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  1. D I S C O V E R Y – Who is Barbadian Musician George Gill? He makes the rounds of Australasia?

    The popular adage goes you can find a Bajan everywhere – try Fiji as well as Australia and you may unearth George Gill… His first real sighting was in The Age in November last year – …busker and co-host of Bondi Junction’s Busk-Off, says the best busking moments for him come “every time that you […]

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  2. Barbadian Calypsonian given short shrift as Short Shirt caps Crown in St John’s (Follow-Up)

    Over the weekend, Barbados’ own Mighty Gabby went to compete in Antigua for a 50+ contest of performers and could as well stayed home, not as he may be too old as I joked, but rather that an Antiguan won… As Iago the parrot in the Disney cartoon Aladdin screamed; “Why am I not surprised?” […]

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  3. Barbadian & Trinidadian Poetry laid before a very appreciative audience in Fontabelle: They hunger for more

    Adrian “Amenyama” Green is a poet with a purpose. His talent for verse was dormant until it was ignited by a burning passion to see Africans at home and abroad in particular, and the world in general, embrace the power of Afrakanity. With the poetic fire lit, he has used every opportunity to spread the […]

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  4. M I L E S T O N E – 400th Post: Barbadians need to respect Handicap Parking spots

    This is a momentous occasion, started late December and now we are at late July and Four Hundred posts later, so in my view this entry needs a pithy matter – If I am wrong and it can be proven, I am willing to update or delete this entry, let me know via… But […]

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  5. Barbados Crop Over persists – Grand Salle Entertainment & New Assembly Point for 3 Trinis Mud Band (Shameless Plug)

    Despite all that has happened, the NCF is of the view the show must go on –The next day is when the Point Fortin Engine Room Band will be jamming! To make up for the slightly shorter route they’ll go all the way to Brighton Rd and on to Weisers for swimming and breakfast! Last […]

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  6. Online Florida Daily disses Barbados: claims athlete earns our first ever medal – period! Poor Oba & Wedderburn, Barry Forde, etc.

    Bradley Ally had the weight of a country on his shoulders as the eyes of Barbados watched intently as he competed in the XV Pan American Games that end today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Pine Crest School club swimmer came through with flying colors. Ally, 21, who has lived and trained in South […]

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  7. Rissi Palmer – All-New Country Girl set to blaze own trail like Charley Pride

    In the Caribbean, many of us adore Country & Western music, do you recall the St Lucian who even went so far as to dress up as a cowboy in the first Digicel Rising Stars? I was too young when Charley Pride inaugurated black stars into the pantheon of C&W music in Nashville during the […]

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    I have a few comments this entry, moreso? Let the photos speak as I have next to no appetite at the moment, as a married man I am proud to sport my ring but after this? I will wear it with caution! Man, they say “‘Til death do us part” – but this is ridiculous! […]

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  9. Former South Coast Hotel to become rented Office Space and Restaurant up to 2012 ? The View, if highly successful, may run longer

    If you were looking for quiz night at Players? Forget it! The name Fat Boyz may soon be removed too, it’s under new management now… Remember when we spoke of various things developing on the South Coast recently? Now we can confirm certain rumours from the last report…The place on the ground floor of what […]

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  10. NC-17, Warning – adults:When you see a knife at a fete, run or you have a gun? Use it!

    Got an e-mail where a defending claim was made about US police – The photos are of an officer trained in hand-to-hand combat. The officer figured, due to his size and fighting skills, he could disarm a knife wielding aggressor.Here is why I am forwarding these on.To all the idiots out there who always say, […]

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  11. Barbados Finance involved in questionable mobile license for Jamaica

    The main opposition of Jamaica, the Jamaica Labour Party is vex with Portia Simpson-Miller‘s regime in issuing a cabinet committee to probe how a cellular contract was awarded to Solutrea, the Jamaica Observer explains – According to the JLP’s spokesman on mining, energy and telecommunications, Clive Mullings, the team was an example of “Caesar appealing […]

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  12. Barbadian Environmental Youth Programme teaches Beach Conservation along the Island’s West Coast

    What is beach accretion? It’s the opposite of beach erosion, it’s where sand builds up to much due to the change of tidal rythms… One of the things I learned the other day when in Speightstown for the Sandwatch exhibition, no – not sandwich! Sandwatch – a United Nations programme where schoolchildren assist in monitoring […]

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  13. Historic Barbadian East Coast Hotel plays host to Trini transplant artist during August (Shameless Plug)

    From now until August at Barbados’ historic Atlantis Hotel, on the wind-swept east coast, are the intriguing turns of Margaret Rodriguez? Bajan view in watercolour. The proud colours of the chattel house; the nostalgic views of time passed; our cricket heritage and the beauty of our tropical flowers, all given that special touch by Margaret […]

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  14. Barbadian Entertainer exits retirement again to prove he can still kick it; Dateline – St John’s

    A former candidate for the seat of Bridgetown, a pupil of Roebuck Secondary (later Louis Lynch, now in St George ’til further notice), owner of enough cars to run a taxi stand… Anthony Carter – Cultural Ambassador of Barbados, will be setting sights in Antigua tomorrow to prove he can still cut it, according to […]

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  15. UK online daily touts Barbados as a haven for Migratory Bird Slayers: How does this affect the Graeme Hall Sanctuary?

    Barbadians are a contradictory lot – we object to casinos as we play slots, lottery and scratch-cards (as the other games are here, let the roulette wheels roll – legislate that type of gambling for overseas concerns only, like Cuba); we promote safe sex and HIV-awareness yet turn our eyes when other sexual misdemeanours happen; […]

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  16. Haiti and Barbados popular with geo-political figures, first Canada now the United Nations Secretary General

    A Chinese PR website has alerted the world that Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General, has decided to take a leaf out of Stephen Harper‘s book and whiz thru the Caribbean by the middle of next week – In Port-au-Prince, Ban plans to meet with President Rene Preval and visit the headquarters of the UN […]

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  17. Barbadian Pizza Parlour Offers The Unkindest Cut of All

    So, I told you about Johno’s pizza, right? Now I am sorry I did! If you saw the flyer, beware, their real pizzas do not look anywhere near as good as the one you see in the poster! So, for those who wish to get the short version… The call was answered unprofessionally I did […]

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    Akeliah Antoine and Toneita Phillip are the first two girls selected for the Digicel Cricket Coaching Clinic which began in earnest today at Trinidad’s Sir Frank Worrell Cricket Centre, Balmain Couva.The two girls along with their brothers, Jaydon Antoine and Ansyl Phillip will join 43 other young cricketers from across the country at the Centre. […]

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  19. News-Blog gets tagged by Prominent American Blog: Rank soars in Technorati scale (Bragging)

    Stopped a night at Woodpecker Pub in Hastings and chance upon a good associate from Simpson Motors, we spoke of Blogging and he said how he enjoys Undercover Black Man by a scriptwriter from Hollywood… I decide to take a peek once I get home – and was instantly amazed and amused! UBM (for short) […]

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  20. US Troops unearth Caribbean Al-Qaeda: Terrordadians and Guyanikstans (Joke)

    I love how blogs and e-mails have opened the rights of people to air grouses at a level never before comprehended, sometimes it’s very dangerous and other times it’s downright hilarious as in this (Not Necessarily The) News “Report“ that came in a fwd’d e-mail from one of my cousins – See Nen Nen Late […]

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  21. Barbadian Antiques Roadshow? National Trust (Shameless Plug)

    Friday July 27th 2007 at 6.00 p.m. the National Trust will be hosting a distinguished panel who will discuss “Antiquities and Collectibles in Barbados“. You are invited to bring along any portable antiques and panellists Andy Tempro, Nicholas Forde and John Chandler will give you an estimate of its value at their headquarters in WILDEY […]

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  22. Stupid Pet Tricks? Pit Bull tackles Porcupine – No Brainer; Prickly Outcome

    Got this one from a former colleague of mine (no, not Betty – nor the source for when I got the juicy thing on BBC 2), and this one is really a prickly issue… So, if you are happening to travel and on your itinerary you have to visit rural areas of California then you […]

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  23. Barbadian Soap Opera Spoof makes way across Island, next showing at historical George Washington House in St Michael

    ?Holding On? continues to make ripples in small circles? So if you haven?t seen it yet then the next available showing is this Saturday, 28th July at the screening room at George Washington House, The Garrison Savannah. Admission is Bds $20 which will include a glass of wine and a performance of the original song […]

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  24. Rihanna, Barbadian Teen Performer is singing in the rain all the way to the bank – literally?

    After occupying UK charts for almost as long as Bryan Adams, Bajan entertainer Rihanna now is pouring on some merchandising to back up her hit a la The Cranberries‘ “Zombie“… With the Fenty lass it be not raining men – but Um-ba-rellas, ellas, ellas, ay, ay, oh, oh, ah! The 19-year-old Barbadian singer Rihanna has […]

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  25. Breast Cancer Victim spent last days in Basseterre giving to children: Kittitian Govt honours her memory

    The life and vast contributions of Renee Digiulio-Naismith were celebrated in song, dance and poetry at the opening of the Youth Department?s Summer Residential Camp on Sunday. St Kitt’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Sam Condor was among persons paying tribute to Renee at the Zion Moravian Church in Basseterre, who was described […]

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