PSSST! Say, Bud? Got 25-hundred Canadian? I wanna go to Barbados and be taught how to siesta!

Anybody is familiar with Cecil McIntosh? It seems in Canada he’s venerated as a guru who can chill the most uptight of A-type personalities… Operating from Mississauga, he wants 50 neurotics …. I mean 50 ppl in need of learning how to swallow a chill pill not just for the tropics but anywhere –

?The patients with whom I work come from all walks of life. Some are businesspeople seeking to cope with stress at work. Others are having marital or family problems. Some suffer from chronic physical pain, while others learn to cope with those inner pains that leaves scars for a lifetime.?

The release touts here as the ultimate spot to drop all of your psychoses into an old haversack –

Relaxation is a skill that can be learned from an experienced, gifted guide and healer like Cecil McIntosh. So, instead of just taking a vacation, take a holiday that gives you a system to carry for the rest of your life: serenity, inner calm and relaxation, all while indulging your other senses in one of the most beautiful settings anywhere ? Barbados.

Here’s the catch folks, it’s the pricetag, wanna feel better than a king? Well, you gotta PAY more than one too! Cecil?

When: September 17 – 24

Where: Almond Beach on the west coast

Cost of relaxation retreat: $799 Cad per person +1 guest can attend at 50% off

Cost of airfare Plus all-inclusive package $2,550 Cad.

If that’s too much, here’s another way, since there’s three months left –

Option One:

June 30, 2007

3 (Three) payments*: only if you book in June and Includes $300.00 bonus.

Special bonus only if you book in June – Private consultation with Cecil for one hour $500. I’ll even buy you a drink.

Everything in one bundle:

$2550 – $300= $2250 Plus Retreat $799 = $3049 (Retreat Plus All inclusive)

****One Registrant: 3 payment $3049 / 3 = $1016.33 per payment*

****Second Registrant $3049 – 399 (1/2 price) = $2650

****Two Registrants: with discount $3049 + 2650 = $5699

(2) two Registrants (3) three payments $5699/3 =$1899.66 per payment*

Option 2:

***July 30, 2007

2 (Two) payment option*

Special bonus only in July – Group private consultation 90 Minutes

**** see calculations for June

One Registrant 2 payments $3049/2= $1524.50 per payment*

(2) two Registrants (2) two payments $5699/2=$2849.50 per payment*

*Full payment Due August 03, 2007

Well, if I was to shell out that kind of moola, all I know is that I better be able to act laidback in five seconds or less at whim!

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