Barbadian Rapper’s journey – just keep walking, this as Rihanna disses jealous Bajans

In the wake of Rihanna, many Bajans are trying to step up and be counted as the next Caribbean hit from here – some are worthy like Fitzroy, but sadly there are others who should have not wasted their airfare and the Worderer is one of them! I take it his title is a mix of word and murderer – but it’s pure murder to check his samples at any of his links!

His 2nd album is called “The Journey” and his media statement wastes no time in implying he’s the next best thing after the inventions of broadband, mobiles and the world-wide-web!

The Worderer wastes no time with an intro that beckons the listener to be a part of his journey. This drops into the title track itself, an excellent identity song especially for the first time listener intrigued by The Worderer‘s peculiar accent and flow. Such intrigue is smoothly assuaged as one is taken through a vividly detailed tour of his roots and culture with lines like… ‘I’m from Barbados, that’s in the West Indies, we got the tropical breeze and the hot honies‘… ‘I used to play cricket and pitch marbles for fun‘… ‘on the Golden Rock block is where I started my dream‘.

Started his dream? What? You mean he’s Freddie Krueger‘s outside child? I am glad they spoke of his accent, the man cannot decide if he is American or BajanBilly Kincaid raps American to reach a wider audience but speaks Bajan and so does Rihanna! His rap sucks so much, he makes Dracula seem dyslexic!

However, the man has no qualms in blasting his own trumpet –

The Worderer touched down on U.S soil in 1998 from his West Indian birth place of Barbados with one driving mission in mind, to push his creative career to the highest level possible. His style is smooth and simplistic and given his cultural background it should come as no surprise that he is equally fluent in the Reggae and soca styles of music. Lyrically he’s like the West Indian version of Common and has no qualms about tackling unorthodox lyric concepts. Like him or not, one must concede that The Worderer has a very unique flow that may take a little getting used to but is certainly one that will grow on you with each listen.

I am sure it can grow on you, perhaps a little Lamisil will chase it away! Now, dealing with real Bajan talent, Rihanna is tired of ppl here dissing her for what USA folk see as everyday functioning, it seems the internet tabloid Media Take-Out got wind of her diatribe against stupid, petty-minded Bajans picking on the most stupid of minutiae ….

I don?t really let the ones that hate me stop me from doing what I wanna do. They always have something to say about what I?m wearing, what I?m not wearing, like in the ?Umbrella? video. If I wear a swimsuit to the beach, it?s a problem, they put it on the front of the newspaper and call into programs. It really annoys me when people that I try to represent and I try to put them on the map as much as I can ? you know, I didn?t have to put Tridents in my videos.

The very last comment explains a lot especially in “Umbrella” as to possibly why there was no broken trident of Barbadian history simply since she’s sick of the Bajan haters!

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  1. I would love to see the idiot who wrote this article.
    Who ever you are, you’re such an asshole!Just trying to make a name for your self and this stupid ass web site, while pulling down,people like The Worderer,and Rihanna, who are doing great things and building Barbados tourist industry, so people like you won’t suck salt.
    I’m very sure you never,ever heard or listen to any of the tracks from any of The Worderer’s album. If you had , you won’t be so fast to criticize.The Worder is the best Rapper the ever came outta Barbados, and the album is HOTT!!! I encourage all Bajans to go get the album ( ) and give the brother some support and stop player hating and pulling down your own.You should be happy when a local is doing good and making a name for themself and making they people.You don’t have any thing better to do put to pull down people.Can YOU! Do a better rap album,would you feel better if the headlines read,’Bajan get lock up for drugs’? You guys are just so fucking stupid!You think that pulling people down is going to make u popular.You need to learn how to celebrate people when they do good things and in turn good things might just come to you and people might just celebrate you.The laws of sowing and reaping, ever heard about that?
    Anyway,thanks for the ad..

  2. I listed all of Worderer’s links in my story (with his samples) to let others judge how bad I think his work is – if a Bajan is good, then I say so, like Billy Kincaid or Fitzroy!

    It shows how literate you are if you don’t even research the rest of the blogsite (it’s also why you can’t figure out who I am – I don’t hide my identity), you will see many Bajans have come under review and passed the test – remember these are opinions expressed MY WAY, not to please you!

    Finally I wouldn’t be surprised if he DID end up at the music awards – again, take a look at this site back in February to see what I mean – it’s called RESEARCH, need a dictionary?

  3. I am so sick of the constant Criticism of Rihanna in Barbados. I am so proud of her and how far she has come. People, she is one of our own and this must stop right now.
    Some say she is lucky but it takes
    a whole lot more than luck to get to the stage she is at.
    It takes confidence, willpower, a lot of hard work which you refuse see because you only look for the finish product to criticize it. Rihanna has what the music industry is looking for.

    These facts always remain the same

    She is beautiful
    She is famous
    she is rich
    She is talented
    She has a wonderful personality
    She is the world’s sweetheart
    She lives at top of the 100 billboard charts

    Are you going to continue causing yourself pain whenever Rihanna receives another accomplishment?

    These are the simple facts about Rihanna you cannot change, so it is time you accept it and move on from all the pettiness in this society and find what is your true calling in life. Rihanna has found hers now it time you find yours.

    Discover who you are
    Find that inner peace
    Smile once in a while
    Repeat the golden rule
    Enjoy the things you like
    Make yourself happy
    Be comfortable with who you are
    Keep words like Love, sorry. forgiveness, compassion in your heart
    Keep gossip, hatred and envy out
    Make all your dreams come true
    Become famous
    Then tell me all about it

    How would you feel if you were Rihanna coming back to Barbados to such negativity? No one is stopping you from making it in life, just the negative jealous attitudes of yours.

    I’m so happy to see Rihanna speaking up about this issue. If you guys are so jealous right now, I can only imagine the outcome when she fulfills her other dream of becoming an actress or winning Oscars, Grammies or dating a famous person. What are you guys going to do? Kill yourselves?

    Go Rihanna! Keep breaking those dishes girl and continue to make us proud.

    Who is the wonderer? Going to do my research now.


  5. Yours is a fair comment – that’s your view and you are entitled to it, mine was based off the CD Baby and MySpace samples… I was not really impressed! The voice of dissent is seldom welcome, even by me! But I was not urging hate, only conveying my level of dissatisfaction – is that a crime?

  6. Ian, me thinks it is Worderer vex at your criticism and coming here to chastise you himself!

  7. I realise that, I have a 97.5% suspicion that he has been generating his own abusive and defensive hype – pitiful, really! Unlike WordPress, I can’t track IP’s or I’d know 4 sure! Just say it urself, no big deal! I do that alla time and ppl freak out! Choopz!

  8. Ian, Ian, Ian….

    you do seem to have hit a nerve here. I had an article on this on my site.

    ( pardon me if I do the shameless self promotion bit.

    I think alot of the comments about Rihanna have been fairly petty. But I think you will find that most Bajans are actually very proud of Ms. Fenty. Unfortunately it’s the ones with a negative opinion that make the most noise.

    BTW Join the National Honours for Rihanna campaign!

    Great blog as usual.


  9. Why is Rihanna even talking about this? She knows how some Bajans are, some people hated her even she became a big star, because she was to high brown or to pretty, that is just how some of us are Jealous minded and petty. So stop stressing.

  10. “Their attempt to know me, is thier attept to distroy me, but they will never know me, they will never know what lies beneath the castle of my skin” – George Lamming

    “I am not a Role Model” – Charles Barkley

    “Being hated on, is a part of the game, it comes with the territory of life and whatever you do” – Christopher “Notorius BIG” Wallace

    “The arts and the spotlight is not for the fainthearted” – Levi King

    I chose these statements carefully. Rhianna and Worderer will always have people who will love their work and who dont love it. That is life in general. Once you are in the public eye you will recieve it.

    I personally am not a Rhianna fan, and i dont know who Worderer is. But what i can say is i dont think she is the most talented female singer Barbados will ever produced. But shes the one that made it, and like any american based artists you will always have “haters” (God i really hate that blasted term!), that dosnt give her or anyone else the right to blast their own. I sympathised with her on the bikini beach thing, hello! she was going to the beach!! But she has more Rhianna worshippers here of the mordern day BET influence listeners who dont even take the time to listen to other Bajan artist….and so what? she gine still still make a million dollars singing offkey and looking at Kimberly Innis outperforming her at the BMA…big deal, move on.

    I dont know Worderer, but i do know most bajan rappers have american accents and terminology in their ryhmes. And as the lyrics and beats may seem nice, how much are we showing of ourselves and our creativity when we look like a product on BET? And these dudes are talented! dont get me wrong. Ian check out AzMan, they use bajan vinacular and dialect in their ryhmes in a new genre called fling…they are on MySpace as AzMan or AzMan Bim

    that was my $0.02

  11. First things first, people need to be a bit more intelligent and have a bit more depth. In my experience, each and every single Barbadian that I have ever spoken to about Rihanna has wished her the best. I am talking about a variety of people, different ages, races, classes.
    To say that people hate you because they criticise what you wear is a childish statement made by a child whose immaturity is evident in the statement, “I didnt have to put the trident in my videos”.
    My what a big and wonderful star you are to put our little itty bitty tridents in your big wonderful superstar video. How dare we have anything to say about your talent or clothing.
    It is in Rihanna’s best interest that she grows up…and fast. She should never diss the home base…home drums beat first!!
    I am sure that there are Texans that diss Beyonce all the time and I have never heard her say derogatory things about Texans in her interviews. That is just insane! Why alienate your fans like that?
    So all those people that say that Bajans should stop criticising blah blah blah…dont waste your breath. People will criticise whether you want them to or not. In my experience, it is usually a vocal minority.
    And for the record, I wish her the best, I hope her star rises to its highest peak. But she still cant sing worth a damn 😀

  12. I just listened to the Worderer’s myspace page.

    1) Listening to him was Worder.
    2) I hope he isnt wordering professionally because I dont know how he is going to pay his bills.
    3) No matter how nice he is, sometimes being a true friend is telling your rapper friend the truth about his wordering.

    Now somebody stop him from Wordering the genre.

  13. I have heard some comments being made saying they have heard alot of congrats about rihanna oh really!! I have heard the total opposite. If anyone really understood the American Music industry they would understand how certain things are done. You say one thing only once it’s put in a magazine about 50 times in different ways making it seems you are saying it over and over. You are not the boss in a music industry run by executives you have to listen to every thing that they say so if they say jump you ask how High, crawl how low , You wear what they want, you act how they want and you be what ever they want you to be because just like any job they are the boss and you are just the employee. so when rihanna wears something or does something you all can’t understand remember she isn’t her own boss.

    P.S Bajans when are we going to grow up and be proud of our own.

  14. I’d also like to say perhaps the Barbados Music Awards may indeed be improving – Cforde said see Worderer at the 2008 BMA’s yet he is not nominated in ANY one category whatsoever! There is hope for that show yet?

  15. wats up barbados…yeah, i luv rhianna to …but theres is this guy from the Pinelands area supposedly resides in new york, who has a couple tunes out in barbados right now…or should i say (club extreme's Dj, DMZ) plays very often, he goes by the name SLIMZ…This guy is CLASS, i heard a song call (FRESH)from him that blew my mind, his lirical content is out of this world…Theres is suppose to be a CD floating around the underground with a couple tracks from him…Bardados should really check this guy out, he is the best i've heard from barbados so far as far as Rap is concerned.

  16. Zus Crois, I listen and the man is awful dread!


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