DKirton Launch 20

Time To Change – More to Sugar than Sweetness: D. Kirton/ Wllm. Attaway at Limelight, Pt 3/3

Time To Change – More to Sugar than Sweetness: D. Kirton/ Wllm. Attaway at Limelight, Pt 3/3

DKirton Launch 20

When last we stood in the Limelight, we listened to the advice of Phil Phillips as well as got a glimpse at the works of William Attaway (US-born, Bajan-Raised & California Livin’), now let’s dig into the music of the Man of the Moment; David Kirton and what his forays into promotion, planning and technology are doing to expand his fan-base!

Free To Fly” is carefree, soaring and relaxation is well conveyed… I asked him how easy was it to compose? He said he just went to Bathsheba as a sabbatical to complete the songs for “Time To Change” his current album and he was watching a bird and imagining how it seemed so effortless for the bird to survive. The rest is what was recorded for the disc.

David is urging ppl to get the album and listen very closely to “Sugar“, since it is not what most folk conceive the tune to be… With the title-track, David has definitely shown he’s coming into his own as an entertainment force to be respected, with his talent easily polished and well-honed! He says he wanted to listen to reggae and just let it flow differently and he let the music go where it wanted to move.

Green Camouflage” is a tribute to Culture, who he admired for having his wife be his manager like how he guides his career – this is not an old song, but a new song that traces its roots sweetly!

Speaking of David‘s wife, we asked if there are plans for free downloads on his website like Screen-Savers or Wallpapers – she says eventually they want to tackle all sorts of similar concepts but at the moment her priority is to see Bird’s Eye Music gain altitude!

One of the ideas that has them fascinated is the concept of digital distribution – she noted that in the USA and in the UK, ppl buy their music direct off of the Net and as a result, cd’s are slowly dying – something that Rihanna proved right not so long ago!

The download revolution is not merely songs going straight to an iPod, there are also videos that folk purchase too, this is why apart from the title-track video, she and David will carefully select another track to be crafted into a video for direct downloading as well.

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