ICC President Percy Sonn while claiming to be somewhat dissatisfied with the new claims that Bob Woolmer merely died of a heart attack {Ed’s Note: HELLOOOoooOOO??? WTF caused it baby? Was it stress that Ireland got thru, or fright at drinking weird-tasting champagne or maybe it was getting scared at the tightly-wrapped fingers on his throat and wondering if he had enough strength like when he was younger in setting a good bowling pace? Gee, what the hell do I know? Is my name Grissom? If there was CSI, we’d have probably gotten the real story then that the ICC doesn’t want to make light of day!}, nevertheless was willing to let the declared result be official, why? Here’s his own answer and see what you pick up –

Noting that issues such as the death of Pakistan team coach, Bob Woolmer; the duration of the Event and the ?unsatisfactory ending? to the Final, were ?out of the hands of the hosts?, he lauded a number of positive aspects.

?For us, as members of the ICC Board, the facts are that the global interest in the game has grown, that so-called minnow countries have shown what can be achieved and that our sponsors were highly satisfied,? stated Sonn.

Which means, to my view, that once the sponsors were happy, that’s all that mattered in the end! Only money matters… H’Mmm!! Is it just me, or do you think the real reason the ICC tried to keep out sex-workers was that they would have felt there was too blatant a set of open competition?

Be that is it may or may not… Just Kidding, LMAO! What’s an even bigger joke is how Woolmer’s death is being not downplayed, but forced down from a red alert to a non-alert status!

[Pervez Mir] was again in action on a private television channel for commenting on the report that Woolmer had died of a heart attack. He said the PCB should demand a public apology from the Jamaican investigators for poorly mishandling the case and causing distress to the Pakistani team and nation.

Again he is jumping the gun and speaking too much. As far as the Board is concerned we have got no indication as yet from anyone that either Woolmer might have died of a heart attack or that his email sent to us is being looked at suspiciously,” the official said.

This was what The Cricket World Cup Latest said, but Caribbean Net News had the following opinion recorded –

Woolmer’s death led to a fevered round of speculation. One theory was that his death was linked to match-fixing and illegal betting in cricket, and investigators from Britain and Pakistan were drafted in to help with the probe.

But the Jamaican Gleaner said that a pathology report submitted by Scotland Yard detectives stated that Woolmer “died of natural causes and not manual strangulation as was initially reported by Deputy Commissioner Mark Shields.”

The Scotland Yard report specifically said Woolmer died of heart failure, contradicting earlier reports by the investigative arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and local pathologist, Dr Ere Sheshiah, who had conducted a post-mortem on Woolmer’s body,” the paper said.

Caribbean 360 claims that both UK and Jamaican constabulary have not yet given up the ghost as quick as Pakistan and Percy Sonn –

In response Jamaican police say they will continue to treat the death of Bob Woolmer as murder until proven otherwise. The probe has turned towards the last email messages from Woolmer which some believed to have been forged by his killer.

The Sunday Gleaner quoted an unidentified source here in London as saying that a review team at Scotland Yard, in its pathology report, said that the Pakistan cricket coach died of natural causes and not manual strangulation as is currently the official cause of death being pursued by the Jamaica police.

A Scotland Yard spokesman has declined to comment on the newspaper report.

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