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S Alleyne Forde Shaded+Cricket

Art lovers and other patrons can look forward to an assembled exquisite and cohesive suite of paintings as the Barbados Manufacturers Association Exhibition (BMEX) will provide a unique opportunity to appreciate the remarkable legacies of Barbadian art.

Various styles of art will be exhibited and while most of the work will be executed in Oils, Watercolour and Acrylic, other media would be in use. Both originals and prints will be available for sale, however the exhibition will also provide artists with the opportunity to make lasting connections with art dealers and collectors.

One can look forward to seeing depictions of the local landscape, seascapes, and typical aspects of Barbadian folkways interpreted by the artists. The work on display will feature several Artists including Larry Belgrave, Lilian Sten Nicholson, Virgil Broodhagen, Denzil Mann, Ron Lucas, Fielding Babb, Neville Legall, Clairmonte Mapp, Donella Philips, Adrian Compton, Patricia Browne & Wynslow Phillips. Some artists will be on hand to interact with the public.

The Barbados Arts Council (BAC) was inaugurated on December 6th, 1957and representation was accorded to the various art forms including music, dance, drama, literary and the visual arts. The goals of the BAC include the development of these various art disciplines while acting as a link between Government and the people in matters pertaining to the arts.

According to President of the BAC Mr. Neville Legall, ?In recent years the BAC has attracted predominately visual artists. The establishment of the National Cultural Foundation with major funding and government recognition has enabled the NCF to accomplish far more in developing programs and avenues for the other artistic disciplines. It however cannot be denied that the BAC is still a crucial force as member artists are treated with respect, having their work shown irrespective of their perceived status or competence. ?

?The system allows for new artists to participate in the same group show as any recognised professional. The practice has allowed young artists to interact with and benefit from the guidance and advice of their more experienced colleagues. These young artists then emerge as the flag bearers, ready to carry the BAC forward.? Legall added.

The Barbados Arts Council continues to host exhibitions at The Pelican Village Gallery which take the form of group or ?one-man? shows?. Group shows usually last for three weeks while shows of individual artists last for two weeks.

As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration the BAC will be hosting a major awards dinner later in the year when it will honour past and present members of the association

Patrons to BMEX can view the magnificent work of local artists in the Marigold Room of the Sherbourne Conference Centre when BMEX 2007 kicks off May 25th ? 28th, 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.

For more info, ppl can contact the BMA Secretariat at (246) 426-4474 or bmex-products@caribsurf.com. You can also visit the organisation?s website.

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