Barbadians selling earth-right for less than mess of pottage – irate Caribbean female bluntly speaks out (NSFW/NC-17)

In doing some electronic spring-cleaning, I found this message in my Hotmail from since last month! It has very graphic language and may offend a few, but here’s what it said, as it is rather significant –

The following is definitely worth reading. It was written by some foreigner on a UWI forum…

Listen, why pop that vein in your head worrying about these idiots? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate just the Bajans here, I hate all Bajans equally. The Bajans on the other hand are probably saying “whatever, dude“. They don’t realize the folly of their ways.

They don’t know they are c*nts!!!!

If they knew they were c*nts they would stop selling all their land to foreigners. They save the West Coast land for white people, price it at triple what it has to be worth and give their own people tenantry land that would have the occasional mudslide and destroy their chattel houses when a odd bit of rain comes.

Then the Barbadians wonder why there is so much crime. Obviously, if the only people enjoying the beauty and “wealth” of Barbados are foreigners and the few “rich Barbadians“, the average Barbadian who leaves school with 3 CXC’s, lives in a housing area, and grew up struggling would feel bad enough to f**k a bullet in them and destroy the island.

And now, let’s go to the “rich Bajans“. Do you know how somebody like Butch Stewart would say that he is rich because he owns airlines, Sandals, properties and stock? Well, an ass in Barbados would have about $25,000 on a bank account and will feel that he is rich. He will then go into any one of these neighborhoods; Fort George Heights, Rowans, Tino Terrace, Atlantic Shores, Sandy Lane…. etc.

They buy land there for about $12 a square foot and use the $25,000 as collateral, get a $100,000 bank loan, build a house, by an expensive car, and live in debt for 60 years.

Meanwhile, they will send their children to a white school such as St. Winifred’s, St. Gabriel’s or St. Angela’s to ‘integrate‘ and make ‘connections‘, where they will also spend hundreds of dollars a term to keep up appearances, while they secretly do nasty things behind closed doors to make ends meet.

Their offspring are now the second generation of cuntholes that will be running around Barbados after their parents (thankfully) die. Have any of you ever met a second generation cunthole? My advice is that you visit a school called Harrison’s College, or St. Michael’s Secondary or the best, Queen’s College. Second generation cuntholes are even worse than the first generation, simply because they do not know that what their parents show them is all a lie, so they actually feel important. They speak, walk and behave differently than the regular folk, and they usually feel as though they are important.

You Can Find The Third Generation C*nt**les At Barbados Community College who fancy keeping up appearances with chic and ‘bougie’ lifestyles as the in while the same c*nt*ole parents impress it upon their nature.

The average Barbadian upon looking at these people believes that this is what you are supposed to be like. They model the second generation c*nt*oles, and change their accent, clothing and associations at great expense. Most of them are successful, which is why the teenage age group is so rampant with those c*nts who go to Harbour Lites and frequent the white zones in Quiksilver and Billabong. The other unsuccessful (yet sensible) ones who do not model the second generation c*nt**les are the closest to West Indian you will get. Unfortunately, the second generation cuntholes call them such things as “ghetto“, “scalliwag” or “thug“.

When one hears these words often enough, he will begin to become it, which is why you find that there are so many crimes and so many boys on the block. To become a police officer is a suicide of the future for when cuntholes riot, other cuntholes who use the protect serve and reassure logo to place themselves higher than the average cunthole will wonder why all c*nt*oles can’t get along together all because the second generation cuntholes have dictated to the normal Bajan that he is worthless.

Are you seeing the trend? C*nts are dictating things.

There are also c*nts in the Government… who will spend their taxpayer’s money on luxuries for themselves and who will make benefits and exemptions for the rich, while the poor have to wait until 70 or die before they collect National Insurance payments (and the young people who we classify as c*nts still wont have a decent job).

They will soon eat concrete after they destroy their agricultural land for houses, malls, supermarkets and car dealerships who sell so many cars that the roads come to a standstill at most hours of the day.

They will reap the ill fruits of their “development” when the tourists realize that the Barbados model is no longer Caribbean. When the tourist dollar leaves Barbados the island will die. They don’t have the natural resources of Guyana (an island they scorn), the oil of Trinidad (an island they think is less than them because it has a US$1-TT$6 exchange rate) and they don’t have the land or human resources of St. Lucia (an island whose people they think are stupid). In short, Barbados will soon die a natural, and very anticipated, death.

When you put c*nts at the helm, something dramatic happens. EVERYTHING GOES WRONG. The day when the sun rises on the Caribbean and Barbados remains in darkness is soon coming. The c*nt**les will propagate their generations, and an island of c*nts will not survive.

We, the other Caribbean people, can show Barbados the folly of her ways, but it is oh so entertaining to see Bajans fool themselves while they’re unknowingly suffering.

Let me end here with a quote from the Bible. “A house divided against itself, can not stand“. BARBADOS! Wake up… you stupid sons and daughters of bitches.

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  1. “They will soon eat concrete after they destroy their agricultural land for houses, malls, supermarkets and car dealerships who sell so many cars that the roads come to a standstill at most hours of the day.”

    I love it!! The author is clearly pissed off and rightfully so. Too bad enough Bajans aren?t pissed off or we’d be doing something. I must say this though, as global warming continues unabated and the sea levels rise, the wealthy gold coast elites may be the first to go. I hope those expensive beach front houses double as house boats. ?A house divided against itself will not stand??nor can a house built on sandy shores swim when the wrath of the ocean comes to claim it. LOL!

  2. what is the point of this rant?

  3. Dear Confused…

    Do you need reading lessons? I mean that, not being sarcastic nor cruel – since it is overly self-evident the writer of the rant worries about the future of Barbados and the little remaining land-space left.

    Everyone wants a home of their own, so what next? Do we import all food like Antigua?

    Did you read Miguel Drayton’s comment? It sheds even more light on what was said, or are you on a particular political agenda?

  4. This is what happens when we focus on the fiscal and neglect the social. Some would say its a residual from being managed by economists.

  5. I am really really bothered by the ignorance of this author (female, no less)who has proven herself to be quite the opposite of cunt, by perpetually addressing everything and everybody filthy and corrupt, female genitalia. How can her judgment be valued when she denegrates her own pussy with her mouth? I know cunt is a Bajan favorite but used in this manner and with such venom and disgust, it makes me feel quite saddened. Thankfully, she’s not altogether hung up on the insufferability of her vagina for she does conclude her womanist rant with a classy smack to all of us ‘born of bitches’. Really, my friend, why use this quote on your blog? There may be something of truth in the content but it loses all potency through the delivery.


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