Barbadian felines are the best – climbing, snoozing or hiding: Strathclyde’s temple guards

It is said that Egyptians or Thai used cats to guard their temples, they were even worshipped as Gods (explains their snotty attitude, they probably never forgot and still believe the hype) – I can somehow believe that with the weird lot I have patrolling my home, if you call it that….

Mimmo, seen here, must think she’s a mountain lion – after mounting that wall and you feel she’ll get down in a hurry? You lyin’!

Strypes, our illustrious leader, believes in the power of BOWLing you over…

Simon, stepson of Strypes, was already seen in a shoe-case, now he found a new spot and became quite a fan of it!

Patch, now the baby again of our brood, must think he’s a polar cat as opposed to a polar BEAR, so he has free license to sink in where he can cool off (do you know there’s a website dedicated for this topic alone?) –

No weird shots of Tipi and Simmy yet, when we do we’ll post them – we’ll also add the honorary feline “Lady” [the dog who thinks it’s a cat]!

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