Barbadian cricketer may be deported – for lack of work permit after 29 years on the job?

We hear a lot on deportees and how they may be source of recent violent crimes, but have you ever heard of deporting a man only after he’s done close to three decades of community service on the basis of where he his navel string hails from?

Well, ye olde BBC says Hartley Alleyne may have to pack his bags despite the family and all he raised there –

[The 50 year old] who also played for Kent, Buckinghamshire and Worcestershire, has worked at St Edmund’s, Canterbury for two years.

But the Home Office has turned down his request for a work permit because he does not have an NVQ Level 3.

A Home Office spokesman said it was unable to comment on individual cases.

Mr Alleyne, who was born in Barbados, has lived in the UK for 29 years and is married with children.

The main contention is that he has no “A” levels, ooh! What a crime!! Can anyone say EXPERIENCE???

St Edmund’s Boarding School’s deputy head David Knight said the school wasutterly shockedby Mr Alleyne‘s predicament.

It is something we never anticipated because Hartley is an integral part of our society – parents love him, pupils love him, we all love him.

I think he has the right to be here. He has never taken a penny from the State and has worked in his own right.

He is highly qualified – he is a former West Indian cricketer.

What better qualification could he have to coach cricket and work with young people?

A rep from the Home Office declined to comment as it is an individual case, yet still added that if Hartley doesn’t have valid leave to be in the UK he can expect ye olde Heave-Ho… Long Live Enoch Powell! Frig 29 years or half a life spent being an asset!!

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  1. This is an instance of what I would call, ?Government Not For The People?. It is even more idiotic for the powers that be in England to even contemplate deporting Hartley.

  2. He is not English by birth…..come on guys..what do u expect?

  3. Woe this happening in 2007!

  4. Chase I understand that, but Good God, the man been there most of his life – he is a qualified cricketer by dint of experience! He is on Cric-Info, his school doesn’t want to see him go and now some twit in a last hurrah of Blair-isms is going to mess up a poor fellow for what? Jingo-ism? In the 21st Century??


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