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So-called Barbadian Christians seek to cash in on tragedy: Claims if their method of worship used, no missing women!

So-called Barbadian Christians seek to cash in on tragedy: Claims if their method of worship used, no missing women!

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I like to check on eemanee, this 25 year old Scorpion always has an intriguing look at current issues – not the same way as B’dos Free Press either, so the differences make for a richer perspective in general. The latest entry of “What Crazy Looks Like” talks about the Ch Ch and Pine Hill Dairy female murders.

To her mind, the last thing the Nation should have done is speak to Ralph Boyce on the sensitive topic – eemanee? This is the paper who showed a hand cut off as well as a dead Winston Hall plus another time they showed a photo of two men kissing on their back page in promoting a play – usually the Saturday Sun, as that paper can be slow in sales… Looking back? It is a bit of a surprise they did not show the late Karen Allamby in all of her glory!

What does Free Press & eemanee have to do with that ol’ time religion, you may correctly wonder… A touch more digression and then the revelation, ok?

Philosophically, my family is a mix of Baha’i, Presbyterian, Anglican, Catholic & Methodist – yet we do not ram our religions down each others throats. As far as I know, we certainly wouldn’t use sorrow to scare you into becoming worshipful – most of us would show you our beatific scatology available at the tips of our respective tongues…

So when a new outreach ministry is hoping to earn converts thru e-mails by saying that the women who died or went missing would have still been at home if they saw God the same they do? Then my blood boils! Their overview is so simple, that a person who is mentally challenged may rank as an Einstein next to these two –

It is a simple two-sided coin – if you are not married, tarry, drown yourself in the work of the Kingdom of God, uplifting the lives of others either by being a positive influence or making a tangible contribution to the lives of others. And when you are married, husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church with passion and respect; and wives submit your husbands.

This is all God requires of us… the rest is just too complicated. Do you agree?

My parents chose not to remarry after their divorce, not from a lack of each other – just a matter of varying personal decisions, neither do they force God onto ppl like corn down a goose’s gullet for liver pate – so are they bad? I thought most wedding vows took out the “obey” reference?

Submit sounds like a pre-decreed wrestling match, isn’t part of the fun in marriage knowing that it is two individuals cooperating but only so far? Time to time there will be a divergence, handled correctly it does not end Life As We Know It – but does Spirituality solve it every time?

Worse the ignorance does not seem to stop there either… these apostles who apparently used to foop on each other’s heads something terrible, now they found God, they are laying out the law for all to follow –

One of the couple’s key tactics has been the exposure of the failure in their own marriage 21 years ago, before they became Christians.

Power of God

If God can keep us from drug addiction, infidelity and violence for 21 years, there is nothing that a married couple is going through today that God cannot heal,” they said.

As a result, other married couples that were restored through OMR have also begun to testify to the power of a relationship with God in mending a broken marriage.

In addition they discriminate as to who can attend functions they have, my question is what if a couple is engaged or due to get married in days or weeks?

APOSTLES BERNHARD and Destiny Cadogan [took] their Operation Marriage Restore campaign to the high seas with a cruise on the M.V. Harbour Master …

The cruise… strictly for those who are married, [set] sail from…

All of this and now using a national tragedy to scare and bully ppl 2 seek God the way U decide God to be? That is just as bad as the entity or group that were instrumental in beheading that ex-hotel worker! Maybe they are doing this to draw more folks to their blog as they are still in double-digits when last Bajan Reporter checked!!

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2 responses to “So-called Barbadian Christians seek to cash in on tragedy: Claims if their method of worship used, no missing women!”

  1. Phoebe Saved Avatar
    Phoebe Saved

    If God is present then nothing can be against you. But what to do if one doesn’t have faith? The one way is to seek God, your vaunted Baha’i view has left you little respect for religion. I shall be letting these true worshippers know of your filthy writing!

  2. AirBourne Avatar

    I knew the Bajan version of the Eff-Bomb would draw someone’s ire sooner or later, feel free to do so honey! Tell T. Wayne Bishop too, hope his congregation is a bit more vigilant…

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