Kolongi Ancestors

Cyber Bajans? Or Barbadians throughout the Matrix?

Cyber Bajans? Or Barbadians throughout the Matrix?

Kolongi Ancestors

It’s amazing how so many Barbadians have used the Internet as a means of promoting their product, service or ideas, etc. You can find music of all genres, chatrooms talking of forums – probably the ancestor of Blogs, artists and maintaining beauty. It’s there for the picking!

I am sure you have seen this in many a side street in the City?

But this would be new for you if you don’t know the artist…

This is a Bajan, p-plz!! His name is Kolongi, he operates in Miami like Fitzroy

Kolongi?s interest in art started at an early age. At eight years of age he was awarded first prize in a county wide Barbadian competition. Self taught without the benefit of traditional teachers, he has forged his own style for which he continues to receive international recognition.

The diverse subject matter of his work includes Family, Culture, Spirituality and the Black Experience.

Kolongi uses oils, on canvas to convey his messages. Kolongi?s motivation is to project positive images. In this way he contributes to the education of all people about the greatness of the African Culture. His motto is ?make wise use of your time?.

Of course floating your product via cyberspace is a wise use of ur time 4 sure! Same applies for Andre Woodvine and Billy Kincaid – two performers from worlds apart styles… Jazz & Hip-Hop!

Andre Woodvine has pretty much been quiet for a long time, until now, he’s popped out of the woodwork with a new cd and he’s very excited about this latest album –

After almost four years of persistent hard work, Andre is excited to announce that his new CD “Some Assembly Required” {SAR} will be launched at a special live performance at 8pm on Sunday April 29th in the Plantation Garden Theatre as a part of the Notes to Note Cool jazz concert series.

Andre will perform selections of his new album material and will be accompanied by some of Barbados’ top jazz musicians who can also be heard on the recording…

Tickets for the concert at the Plantation Garden Theatre are available at the door, the admission price is $25.00 and of course CDs will be on sale!

Some Assembly Required is an intriguing collection of nine original instrumentals composed by Woodvine, and performed with the warmth, humour and musicality that fans of his music have come to expect.

Recorded at Vine studios in Barbados and mastered at digital Domain in Florida, SAR has already received accolades from Grammy award winning mastering engineer Bob Katz…

You can also get samples of Mr Woodvine‘s talents on his website itself. But don’t think you get away yet, LOL! It is close to pay-day for some after all… Billy Kincaid also has new work laying in wait for wunna and he too is very satisfied with what he crafted and performed with Barry Chandler (I love how they used the part from Pirates Of The Caribbean which is really a pan-regional ad for this part of the world), BK‘s site has updated massively and is fill of new tricks via Flash 9, really cool –

Big up everytime to all uh wunna. “Champions” is receiving a tremendous amount of positive feedback.

Everyone is loving it: radio stations, online magazines, nightclub DJ’s, people on the streets, etc. We got more heat to keep the fire burning…

In 2007, under Hit Island Records, Billy Kincaid will release his newest single ?Champions?, a collaboration with 2006 Party Monarch and Road March King Barry Chandler.

This blend of hip-hop and soca voices, coupled with innovative production by KB Sharp, is sure to be embraced by ?West Indian Massive? all over the world.

To get an earful of the party anthem you have to go to Billy‘s website! It’s beautiful, speaking of beauty? On Andre’s website if you look hard enough, you find another place Treasure Island Products that use nature to make ppl feel more natural in their beauty to themselves and the world at large…

Our products come in attractive blue glass bottles and jars with colourful labels.

Our gift boxes are made from corrugated cardboard. Both the blue glass bottles and the corrugated card boxes are made from recycled materials.

As you will be able to read in our ?information resources? section, taking care of your body and skin is not just about using body and skin care products.

A healthy and young looking body is connected to living a healthy lifestyle in all its aspects.

All this data in an Age of Information, how do you keep up? There are ways and means when you know what to do…

One way is to visit Club Xtreme’s Chat section, this used to be associated with Zanz, but their Scandal INstitute got too self-important and Chelsea – who was always given a hard time by Kingpin (man, I miss that sig of his, was so cool – Gotti, Pacino and Capone – really creepy but very excellently crafted) along with Lumbi & Sol founded their own system of disseminating information… They’re listed in my PERLIXING & POMPASETTING section!

Click over here for a really good topic, one that features the Barbados Underground who has been trying harder like Barbados Free Press!

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