Napoleon once said to the effect that History is written by the victors, but for CWC 2007 it was written by the victims – the Caribbean was put to ransom by the ICC and we obeyed, in obeying though, we had a silent rebellion and it is the ICC who lost as fans stayed away…

So, what to my wondering eyes did appear? Not eight tiny reindeer – but I do feel like I swallowed a peyote button or two! The ICC has now made a full capitulation to the Caribbean essence in a last-ditch attempt to ensure that Barbados has some interesting Super 8’s and a good Final at least… This is what they’re backtracking saying now –

Fans attending ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 matches, starting with the Super 8s in Barbados and Grenada, will be able to come and go as they please from match venues.

While they will now be able to re-enter stadia on Match Days, they will have to ensure they are aware of the revised policy which will guide how this activity is undertaken.

?As spectators leave the stadium they will be reminded to have their match ticket on them and will receive a device ? yet to be determined by each LOC ? which indicates that they have left the venue. When the spectators come back, they would first show both their match ticket and re-entry device and then go through the same security procedures as when they first entered the venue,? explained ICC CWC 2007 Managing Director & CEO, Chris Dehring.

{Ed’s Note: Uh, isn’t this what ppl have said all along? Like if you go a fete or nightclub and you get a coloured paper bracelet to show you paid? DUH!!}

?They must show BOTH their match ticket and re-entry device to be allowed back in to watch the match.?

{Ed’s Note #2: Uh, isn’t this what ppl have said all along??? Like if you go a fete or nightclub, and you get a coloured paper bracelet to show you paid??? DUH!!}

The first match at which this will be in effect will be the West Indies? clash with South Africa on Tuesday April 10 at Grenada National Stadium. Thereafter, it will be the norm for the remainder of the Event which ends April 28 with the Final in Barbados.

{Ed’s Note #3: How many fans do you think this new measure will draw back to see? Wait, though, there’s more!}

Meanwhile, Dehring also took the opportunity to stress that there has never been any policy restricting fans from bringing food into match venues.

?West Indian foods are culturally a huge part of the cricketing experience in the Caribbean and we would never seek to take that away. Fans can and have been coming to games with their food and we welcome this.

{Ed’s Note #4: Wow, another LSD flashback? Gotta stop dropping that acid, so all I heard before was Alice down the Rabbit Hole? Hold on, still more chicanery!}

?There has never been any restriction against food. I want to urge all fans here and now, especially West Indians: bring your food and come! Some great cricket is being played across our region and we want to see you there.?

I swear at any second, Rod Serling is going to pop up from nowhere telling me I am in a dimension between sight and sound, lemme see if is true about black coffee sobering up, ’cause I mussee drunk or sa’ing!!

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