Barbadians try to bust Guinness World Records… Better luck next time!

It took a while to verify but now it is judged true, there are some happy folk out there who feel vindicated for their skills finally acknowledged and according to Barbados World Record Breakers, this is just the beginning and to accomplish these eccentric desires, they plan to look for sponsorship and mentors too –

Thursday November 9, 2006 International Guinness World Records Day two Barbadians set two new world records on the television set of ?Morning Barbados? CBC TV Channel 8.

Mr. Winston Cadogan has set a new worlds record in the category of darts. Using one dart board and three darts. Mr. Cadogan threw seven valid darts into the inner circle of the bull?s eye, which is normally red in colour, or the outer circle, which is normally green. That was to set a new world?s record. During the world attempt, Mr. Cadogan had to throw and retrieve his own regulation size weigh and length darts from a dart board set to regulation height and distance as laid out by the World Darts Federation rules. Mr. Winston Cadogan a member of the Barbados Darts Association, represented Barbados in Caribbean Championships. Mr. Cadogan also represented Barbados and the Caribbean region in World Tournament in England. Currently he is the captain of the Cable & Wireless Team.

Mr. Trevor Farley also set a new world record in the category of Ball Control ? specifically a table tennis racquet and ball. Mr. Farley bounced one regulation size table tennis ball with one regulation sized table tennis racquet for (2 hours:10 minutes:16.53 sec) During the world attempt, Mr. Farley had to bounce the ball with a racquet without using any other part of his body to keep the ball in the air. The ball was kept in continuous motion and did not touch the floor during his attempt. His time came to end while he was watching the clock so he could make it to work on time. Basically he decided to break a world record before he went to work that morning.

There was even a promotional event for the March 2006 Barbados World Records Festival where part of the proceeds are donated to HOPE for Children Charity. A Barbadian children?s charity that gives school uniform, books and hygienic supplies to children in primary schools. The charity is teaming up with other local organizations to conduct a self empowerment summer camp. The camp will include self esteem building, team building skills and have a rights of passage programme to move boys to men and girls to women.


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