1. AFTERMATH – A shot in the dark? Clearly Wasted Cricket: CWC 2007, OITC!

    Even on the last day of this ICC fiasco, they had to mess it up! From the time rain delayed the final match yesterday, it should have been shunted to the next venue in Grenada, was that not why they had the last match on Saturday? To use Sunday as a just-in-case? The senior personnel […]

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  2. So-called Barbadian Christians seek to cash in on tragedy: Claims if their method of worship used, no missing women!

    I like to check on eemanee, this 25 year old Scorpion always has an intriguing look at current issues – not the same way as B’dos Free Press either, so the differences make for a richer perspective in general. The latest entry of “What Crazy Looks Like” talks about the Ch Ch and Pine Hill […]

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  3. Painting The Town: Poet shows art at Barbadian Greek Restaurant & Rare Opportunity to speak with famous Trinidadian batsman

    Every other Friday or so from 2005 to now – I have trekked to Hastings. Specifically opposite the Carmax outlet. There is a Greek Restaurant called Opa! which is a Grecian phrase usually accompanied by smashing plates, it can be equated with “Wahoo” or “Yahoo” or similar cries of elation. The drawing card for me […]

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  4. Barbadian Automotive Mogul spreads to Bermuda

    A glimpse at the Bermuda Sun shows the Simpson Motors empire is now also in Hamilton… Don Mackenzie, the chairman of HWP over in Bermuda, was inaugurating a new Suzuki showroom over there – The 4,000 square foot showroom will feature the Liana sedan, the Wagon R, the Swift and the Jimny 4×4 vehicle from […]

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  5. Lament for Lara, Sticky Wickets and Sticky Tickets – what’s left with CWC 2007

    Now the rush is nearly through, you believe all of the once-expensive gear (such as a shirt for $84.00 or a drawstring bag for $40.00?) is now at 50%?? Full page ads for Cave Shepherd ran in the newspaper both Wednesday and today! Those volunteers were damn lucky, huh? Freeness galore! Chaa… PLUS: Can you […]

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  6. Sweet Cry Freedom celebrating the best of Caribbean & African-American achievements, Barbadian Academic Luminary to be Honoured

    Renowned Caribbean historian, Barbados? Dr. Hilary Beckles, and African-American basketball icon, Earvin ?Magic? Johnson, are expected to receive the prestigious Sweet Cry Freedom ?07 award, when the groundbreaking Antiguan musical event returns on 5th May 2007. This year?s award is named for Haitian revolutionary Toussaint L?Ouverture. Johnson is, of course, legendary for his leadership of […]

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  7. (Shameless Plug) Baje International hosts Cricket Cool-Down Party at popular Barbadian Nightspot

    All of the staff from The Lucky Horseshoe, Lord Willoughby?s Tavern and the Bagatelle Great House Restaurant is extending a special invitation to ppl 2 come & enjoy the 6 to 6 Cricket Cool Down Party on the grounds of the beautiful Bagatelle Great House. Banks Breweries, Mount Gay Distilleries, Guinness Stoute and Baje International […]

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  8. Barbadian Leg of Polished Hoe set to rake in Classy performances: Author shows politicians had human side

    Many were the people that patiently awaited the arrival of Professor Gladstone Yearwood to the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination so the pre-performance discussion of Austin “Tom” Clarke’s The Polished Hoe could officially start… Luckily, the folk were kind and patient, reminiscing and catching up on mutual gaps of each other’s intertwined life histories […]

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  9. Breaking News: Free Digi-Text Messages Via The Internet

    DIGICEL post-paid and prepaid customers can now send text messages via the internet with the introduction of the mobile telecommunications company?s latest service – WebTEXT. Exclusively for Digicel customers, WebTEXT allows them to send as many as ten free text messages to fellow users using that website. Alicia Lynch, Digicel?s marketing executive, explained that customers […]

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  10. BREAKING NEWS! The Police are looking for – A Cop? More Below on Sgt Dave Greenidge!

    The Administration of the Royal Barbados Police Force is seeking to contact Sergeant Dave Greenidge urgently.His last known address was Kewland, St. Thomas. Sergeant Greenidge is asked to call Assistant Commissioner Management Services, Mr. Oral Williams at telephone number 430-7115 or Senior Superintendent Don Nicholls, Head of the Human Resources Department at telephone number 430-7660 […]

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  11. (Follow-Up/Shameless Plug) No Admission for Children attending Peace Concert

    Children under 13 years old will be admitted free to The AJA Let the World Unite Concert, and all other students will be admitted for $25 – but if the children are under 13 then they must be accompanied by an adult. The Concert will focus on peace and related issues that contribute to conflict […]

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  12. Tanti Merle Was Let Back in De (Kensington) Oval – Why the West Indies performed better in last two days

    For me, Thursday 19th April 2007 was the West Indies real Last Day with Lara – even if he did make 33 and not 156* like at the ARG/Antigua Recreation Ground back in 2003 or so, he was under the gun then too and put the bowling to his (still, for me) mighty blade of […]

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  13. (Shameless Plug) Barbadian Whispers: Tour Bridgetown via cellphone?

    The National Art Gallery Committee is having a second tour on Saturday 28th April. The tour starts at 5:00 pm sharp outside of the Waterfront Caf?, Cavan?s Lane, The Careenage, Bridgetown. Tour guide is Rodney Ifill, one of the whisperpost voices. It’s best to have walking shoes for this stroll through Bridgetown as the tour […]

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  14. Barbadian Blogging About – a look at Bim’s bitter tragedy, Perve peeping at eemanee, Benn still loves WI (we), the joys of LIAT & Captain Clone?

    Who is blogging things Barbadian? You’d be surprised… There are some cricket fans out there who are so diehard they make Bruce Willis look like a successful candidate for hair plugs! Such as Neil Benn who still wants to see a West Indies Victory, preferably before the CWC turns 50? I don?t plan to join […]

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  15. Cops closing in on CWC 2007 murderer – BREAKING NEWS

    The plain and simple reality is… It is more than likely Scotland Yard, IMPACs and Jamaican officers have a higher than average scoop on whodunit re: former Pakistan coach, HOWEVER – this would not be CRICKET to release the identity before the current Tournament’s conclusion! Nevertheless, the closed circuit TVs at the Pegasus Resort played […]

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  16. Barbadians try to bust Guinness World Records… Better luck next time!

    It took a while to verify but now it is judged true, there are some happy folk out there who feel vindicated for their skills finally acknowledged and according to Barbados World Record Breakers, this is just the beginning and to accomplish these eccentric desires, they plan to look for sponsorship and mentors too – […]

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  17. Barbadian Cricket Movie gets distribution pledge from Barbados Govt – Bridgetown Film Festival, Pt 3/3

    When I first started this News-Blog I expected many lashes, partly for being a Government worker and how sometimes I may have what seems a “safe” story (And why I am I toeing the line? Hah!) or if I dare to differ only then to have ppl wonder if I won Mega 6 and why […]

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  18. The Coast Is Clear: Art At The Main Guard of Barbados, Pt 5/5

    Local textile designer Catharine Cummins is a newcomer to the fine arts scene of Barbados, samples of her work can be seen at the Hilton Barbados – but this time you can see more of her work over at the Garrison. She spent quite a while in London being constrained to a fairly strict design […]

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  19. Canadian Sci-Fi Author partners with Barbadian Publisher

    I N T E R V I E W E R’ S N O T E: Just a few Xmases ago, I had gotten a fantasy book which has a rather bold title of “Maps: Dead Magicians Club, Pt. 1” and is really quite unusual. It has a Brit-like Minotaur called Bob who’s rather snobby, […]

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  20. Art At The Main Guard: Barbadian Photographer and Painter delights many, suits all tastes – Pt 4/5

    Corrie Scott is my kinda creative personality, perpetually in trouble at school for decorating her exercise books with doodles instead of whatever subject was interrupting her reverie at that moment, LOL! Her talent is not limited to paintings nor photography she has been known to get into watercolours and other mediums such as digital art […]

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  21. Breaking News – Teenaged Canadian restored to parents: Official RBPF Notice

    Got this notice not long ago from the Royal Barbados Police Force, it seems Melina Naomi LeBlanc, 14 years of Sargeant Village, Christ Church who was reported missing on the 10th April 2007 has been traced, and is safe. The RBPF thank members of the public and the media for their invaluable assistance in this […]

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  22. Cursing a Blue Streak: Check Your Listerine? Barbados part of Global Recall?? {BREAKING NEWS}

    MORRIS PLAINS, NEW JERSEY – April 11, 2007 ? McNEIL-PPC, Inc. (the “Company”) today announced a voluntary nationwide consumer recall of all lots of the GLACIER MINT? and BUBBLE BLAST? flavors of LISTERINE? AGENT COOL BLUE? Plaque-Detecting Rinse after the Company determined that the preservative system is not adequate against certain microorganisms.McNEIL-PPC, Inc. has been […]

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  23. Main Guard Art at Barbados’ Garrison Savannah: Dirty Flowers & OLD BOATS, Pt 3/5

    Barbadians may recall Leslie Taylor as the energetic plant person in Meridian 60 with Doug Hoyte and Jessica Odle not so long ago… Now she has transferred her love of plants into a new channel and brings a revitalised perspective to “Dirty Flowers and Old Boats” at the group show at The Main Guard at […]

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  24. Cyber Bajans? Or Barbadians throughout the Matrix?

    It’s amazing how so many Barbadians have used the Internet as a means of promoting their product, service or ideas, etc. You can find music of all genres, chatrooms talking of forums – probably the ancestor of Blogs, artists and maintaining beauty. It’s there for the picking! I am sure you have seen this in […]

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  25. Good Clean Fun as Barbados Observes Earth Day – Ship Inn & C*A*R*E help Bajan environment (Shameless Plug)

    On the morning of Sunday April 22nd (“Earth Day“) Barbadians are invited to help ‘CARE of Barbados‘ to clean up the final mile of beach stretching from Morgan Lewis to Foster’s Funland. Subject to turnout, teams will also be deployed to maintain the six miles from Joe’s River which has already been cleared. Please meet […]

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