What IMDb don’t want me to tell you about Eddie Murphy’s latest flop!

IMDb’s taking forever to publish my review, as far as I know, I put up the spoiler warning, here’s my take on Eddie’s multiple roles…

{re: taglineHave you ever made a really big mistake?}

The Biggest Mistake you could make would be to rent this!

Not even an uncredited cameo of Damon Wayans as co-pimp with Eddie Griffin in what supposed to be a Katt Williams role could possibly redeem this utter piece of dried-up, scummy, stale, petrified and ossified you-know-what!

I have no idea what Eddie and his brother Charles were doing when they concocted this movie since Eddie CLAIMS he don’t do drugs, but with this one I have to doubt…

As for Thandie Newton and Cuba Gooding Jr wasting their time here? One was broke and the other was bored? I don’t know but that’s the excuse I give them!

This prequel to Eddie Murphy’s version of The Nutty Professor really leaves EVERYTHING to be desired – anything with cruelty to animals leaves me cold, one of the main reasons I detested ANCHORMAN with Will Ferrell

If the dog was not hurled into the highway, it’d have gotten a higher rating, but not much! Same here, with Norbit’s pug Vs. Rasputia’s car and its aftermath carried the film from a whopping five down to a four…

Hey, I mean how loaded can you get from the start? Naming the female villain after a mad Russian monk? Please! What brotha or sista in their right mind would really do that?

This film had its threads traced from the early teens of all the protagonists, except for Rasputia – why did she have this fascination with Norbit? Was it a crush unadmitted?

All of the other plot threads were so neatly tied from the start, in the adult version of these characters, there was none of that twisted fascination she held for Norbit – it seemed that fascination slipped over to Buster, the exercise instructor, who was carried out by Marlon Wayans with a stupid set of false teeth that did not disguise his appearance in the least!

This whole picture was a mistake of CATACLYSMIC proportions, thanks to this dreck, I am SICK & TIRED of Eddie Murphy‘s multiple roles… So what? Was it necessary did it carry the picture or even serve a purpose? At least in the Nutty Professor, it was to show a whole family and how they resemble each other…

A mistake to make it and a mistake to watch it, maybe it was even a mistake to tell you how bad it was – why should I be alone in my disgust?

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