Indian reporter who used Hudson Husbands to gain false entry writes Barbadian Science fiction

The Indian journalist who is a Melbourne editor, yup, the one who pulled a fast one on a former Tourism Authority exec to send a story by any means, now is getting into fantasy tales using the Caribbean as a base…

In his latest yarn, since it seems he is stuck here in Barbados until the Super 8’s and is too broke to go to the other islands, he’s now decided to do like DC comics and create an Elsewhen tale – he looks to explore the possibility of Mac Fingall’s 2009 arriving two years early should Delhi pull off a victory at the final here at the Mecca… He’s even doing ambush marketing by using the wrong soft drink and wrong rum to celebrate the ICC event –

In the absence of colors, bottles of Banks beer and Mount Gay rum together with cans of Coke and Pepsi did the needful. The first step was to gulp down as much as you could and the second was to pour the rest on oneself in celebration. The Barbadian police too had no choice but to join in and one of them told me in sheer desperation that he was tired after having embraced and hugged more than 200 Indians. When we finally managed to reach our hotel, the Accra, we were amazed that it too was lit up in celebration; the wordsWelcome Victors written all over the lobby.

Plus? In this universe, it seems it’s a problem to have good clothes on at a popular nightclub...

At around 1:00 am, when the partying was still on in full swing, someone came up with the bright idea that we should move to the Boat Yard to dance.

Its Barbados‘ most prestigious nightclub and even here we were delighted to note that entry for Indians was free for the night. Still wearing my formal trousers and shirt, I had not had time to change though and the atmosphere was such that I had to do what I had never done before in my life-strip on the road and change into jeans kindly given by a friend. Boat Yard regulations or, better still, convention forbade me from entering in formals.

Hare Krishna, one can only hope this dream of his does not really curry the favour of the Gods, be they Jehovah or Ganesha, Shiva or Rama! It is not to say this blog is being racial, but the item in question does not even say how this victory was accomplished, nor if it was a difficult or an easy task… I mean, please, if you’re gonna spin a tale? Give it some plausibility, it seems he’s better at gate-crashing and country-dissing!

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