eemani not so crazy: CSME & prostitution

eemani not so crazy: CSME & prostitution

If you ever take a look at the PERLIXING & POMPASETTING section of this News Blog, those are interesting places that provide a good service or an interesting read….

Such a one is “what crazy looks like” where eemanee looks at the logical links between so-called human trafficking and the world’s oldest profession –

i have a problem with all international travel for the purpose of sex work being labelled as trafficking because it assumes that women are naive victims who are lured to Barbados with false promises of decent, i.e non-sex work and it denies the women and girls who are indeed trafficked the help/recourse that they need.

Her theorem does not end there, she carries her thoughts into a rather intriguing conclusion –

Free movement of people within the Caribbean would put an end to most of the trafficking (that originates for other Caricom countries). It would mean that women would no longer depend on third parties (traffickers, pimps, corrupt government officials) to broker their entrances and exists and they would be able to seek employment outside of thehiddenspheres of prostitution and domestic work (if they so desire). But there isn’t a single Caribbean country that is committed to free movement of people (especially if those people are moving to have sex).

There is much more to her view and is very much worth a look!

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