Breaking News – God Bless those who are Numero Uno at dealing with Numiere Deux

As this News Blog gets more popular, the tipsters increase – this one is backed up with photographic evidence…

Imagine this, on the 27th Feb, 2007 at 12:44 pm this picture was taken in Barbados, as the photographer approached the airport from St. Philip….

She managed to flag down the police, who then escorted her over to a security guard nearby the property who informed them that it was a regular occurrence.

In this day and age ? the attitude from the police, the security guard and the obvious company (which shall not be named here, but can be identified form the picture) [not bothered by what] goes on in this country.

So you are not bothered ? ok, but the next time you drink water from the pipe think of this picture and think hard ? that is a sewage truck and its contaminating our ?pure and clean? water system.

We wonder why our children are so sickly and more people are suffering from illnesses that developed countries have conquered a long time ago.

One wonders how long has this ?regular occurrence? actually been going on. I understand that the Ministry of the Environment has been provided with the information, so too has the press and for sure I know we are heading into an election season.

What happens now. I am sure that all concerned are busy {with} the coming campaign, lets hope they can focus their attention on the ?less important? things in this society ? us the people that put them there in the first place.

The information has also been fwd-ed by Bajan Reporter to all relevant authorities like the DPP & Police.

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  1. Come on Ian…..I come from the area and this has been goin on from the time I was a little boy running around in the adjacent nut ground.Residents have been complaining for years about this site and the dump on the other side of the road.Eventuall the dump was closed and fenced because of airport upgrades.
    Unfortunately there is no scheduled upgrades for the other side so this practice will continue.Also,another reason for this practice is to save time and money,imagine having to drain a well in Castle Heights,then having to beat traffic all the way to Emmerton,wait to drop your load,then back to another job say in Pennyhole,you get the point?Obviously, the company to this scenario, is going to say ‘No way Jose’.It is cheaper to dump it there.
    The sad thing is that Politicians know of it,Goverment,Health Ministry and almost everyone n Christ Church East.
    Only when you have an epedemic will they jump on the band wagon to act,or maybe soon, elections near……waiting with my nose pinched.

  2. Rumour has it, and I say rumour, cause I wasn’t there, but heard it 2nd hand from about 20 people who did see it, that a sewerage truck dumped its ‘load’ in a cane field near Orange Hill a couple of weeks ago………when we had a well emptied we were asked whether we wanted it taken away or emptied onto our land………open your eyes Ian this goes on all the time.

  3. …open your eyes Ian this goes on all the time

    Oh, I see, this makes it okay then, thanks for the step closer to nirvana (or is it nervelessness?

    I am so silly, since it happens all of the time then I must shut my mouth as precedent gives it credibility?

    Thank goodness for that tidbit, lest I appear credulous in the midst of that credibility, eh?


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