Bajan Reporter gains popularity, while Barbadian blogging wows the BBC! (Bragging)

Last time I spoke of my Technorati rank was at 401-K, well it peaked to 385-K then slipped back to 399-K! In the time since I used a counter I have had close to 2500 visitors and now they stay almost 3 minutes per stop! But you never really know or understand how far blogging goes until you get a note like this popping up in your inbox…

I’m looking for some cricket writers who would be available to do brief interviews with BBC Radio Five live on the nights after matches during the World Cup.

A couple of people who regularly check out your blog suggested I get in touch with you. Could you give me a call on *** ** *** **. I’ll be on that number until well after midnight tonight (Monday) and back in again at about 1pm your time tomorrow. Alternatively, if you e-mail me, I’ll phone.

Many thanks

Charles Lambert

Imagine my shock and awe, then glee! Then panic… Me? Sports? Um, yes, I used to do Sports when the other guys were not available and yeah – I do some Sports items here since some Bajans may not know about what their kinsmen do abroad… But THIS???

So I dared to be truthful…

I do cover sports items in my News Blog; I have covered two Town Hall meetings re: ICC CWC 2007; I have looked at the CWC 2007’s feasibility in this region, apart from that – while I was the Main Anchor for CBC TV 8 for almost a decade, I was not a Sports Journalist per se – I have no CWC tickets nor a Press Pass for the matches…

You’d never believe the reply? It seems a whole slew of Brit bloggers recommended me on the basis of my coverage so far on CWC 2007…

We’re not really looking for sports reporters – the BBC has plenty of them at most of the games. What we’re after is people who can talk about what the fans are up to, the atmosphere at grounds, how the ICC rules are going down, the silly little rows and quarrels that will inevitably spring up and the off-beat stuff.

So, as Holmes would yell to Watson? The Game is afoot! This means if you’re a night-owl or have streaming-audio somewhere out there, you may get a surprise as to who is talking on the Beeb!

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  1. Congrats?

    I will be reading as well.

  2. i’ll try to tune in. make sure you put on a strong bajan accent so we can hear you coming through proper :o)

    good luck

  3. Congrats AirBourne. Take it from me, once you can write well and have a way with words, say yes, yes, yes! 🙂

  4. Congrats… nice feather in the cap, eh?


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