USA expats, want a deduction the IRS can?t touch? Take a trip to Barbados!

One of the things Barbados has in common with the United States is that April is tax-time, theirs on the 15th while ours is by the 30th…

Here we can claim on – being a union member; our performing house renovations; belonging to a credit union/plus having savings of a certain value there and having a registered retirement package are a few of the ways we can make back money in safeguarding our lives in one form or another.

In the ‘States though, the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) is not as lenient as their Bajan cousins – in fact, their reputation is similar to either Darth Vader or Jaws visiting!

Yet there are ways to dodge their aggressive tactics, according to Kiplinger‘s Peter Blank? Drop on in over here and claim on that visit! But don’t try to do the same for a trip to Europe or Asia…

Other countries in the Caribbean region qualify, too, including Barbados, Costa Rica, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Honduras, Jamaica, Saint Lucia plus Trinidad and Tobago. Meetings held in Canada, Mexico and all U.S. possessions also receive this favorable tax treatment.

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