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  1. InterFaith or FaithWar? God is a referee?

    {NB: This rant comes from late 2003, when there was due to have been a devotional service with many denominations celebrating Bim’s birthday, but the People’s Cathedral pettily pulled out as there were other religions involved, I was disappointed that an allegedly enlightened evangelist abstained from commenting, so I sent this to the newspapers and […]

    February 17, 2007Controversy, Featured, News2 comments
  2. Rant given free rein…

    {NB: This blast was written when I still drove a light apple-green 1984 DX Toyota Corolla that had a few character marks, that ppl call “rust-spots“, I know it appeared in the Daily Nation, but not all of it, some of it no longer applies and therefore has been contemporised – but no further, but […]

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  3. Barbados had a Contender? Yup, he was one Hell of a Pugilist!

    I was sailing through Google today when this one hit me (pun intended) – “…in 1904 Langford got his chance at welterweight champion Joe Walcott, the Barbados Demon. This was Langford‘s first and only title shot and with analysis of the reports it is clear he was done an injustice. Langford proved too illusive for […]

    February 16, 2007Featured, News, Oddity, Sports2 comments
  4. Doesn’t Fontabelle look lovely? Not!

    Wow, Fontabelle‘s main road is so smooth, a baby’s bottom seems pock-marked in comparison… I know everyone is glad the Oval is complete unlike Sherbourne! Ok, before I am struck by lightning, let’s let you decide for yourself now that K-day is tomorrow – after all, aren’t pictures worth a 1,000 words? Oh, and by […]

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  5. My Two Sons: Simon & Patch (& Strypes – the Real Alpha)

    The last time I spoke of my felines was when I lost little Tudie – Son Of Simon… I still grieve but accept the loss and try to move on, but it leaves the rest of their genealogy open to record. Strypes taught me how to love and appreciate the majesty and quixotic pranks that […]

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  6. Promotional Legaci? What price to gain profit?

    There is an old adage that if something appears to good to be true then it may well be so, I invite you to be the judge! I saw an ad in the Daily Nation promoting a free seminar on marketing at the ICBL complex on Country Road – great, near my stomping grounds…It is […]

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  7. UK soccer team have a chance to join their team-mate in his homeland, if they win

    A tract from says Wigan Athletics’ chair has offered a sunny trip here so as to keep his team from getting the boot – “…Chairman Dave Whelan has given his players the perfect incentive to beat relegation ? a free holiday in Barbados. “Struggling Wigan will feel the heat today when they take on […]

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  8. Ex-Convict: Hell In Barbados, no interest expressed by pending inquiry

    “A memoir of a man serving time in prison in Barbados and his mission to reveal human rights violations to the world.” Heat Magazine, the local weekly that stirs up almost as much muck as the Barbados Free Press, cited the fact that Terry Donaldson‘s long-awaited book on the Glendairy riot is available! This is […]

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  9. Cor Stone The Crows: B’dos Music Awards adds Criteria to its website!

    Just yesterday, Bajan Reporter was dealing a with a detractor who was in such a snit about all of the uncomfortable questions asked about the Bds Music Awards that they were seeking to imply untruths about why I left CBC…Remember when I said their website was down? I should have copied their message, but it […]

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  10. Tycoon sells his virginity? Naw, seeks to use his loot to save the planet!

    As Barbados Free Press stated very recently, a Bajan came forward and declared the emperor is nude when it comes to global warming, which is to say as Pogo put it a long time ago? “THE ENEMY IS US“… And now a man who may have indirectly contributed to it wants to reverse that process…“Sir […]

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  11. Barbados Music Awards Commentary has stepped on some sensitive toes to the point of slander? Oh Dear!

    Well-Well-well!!! It seems my observations about the B’dos Music Awards have come home to roost, my questions over what judging practices and accounting measures were used or not has brought a supposedly stinging commentary from an outraged Bajan transplant but when you read the remark, I think we all know where it really came from… […]

    February 10, 2007Controversy, Entertainment, Featured1 comment
  12. Kids? Eating fruits & veggies not only makes you strong, but a chance to see Barbados!

    Imagine a British primary school pupil’s poem singing the praises of legumes can help her family get a trip to out gem of the Caribbean Sea? “Lucy Lewis‘s little rhyme earned her a place in the final of a national poetry writing competition in aid of Cancer Research UK. “The 10-year-old from Manuden Primary School, […]

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  13. Follow-Up: Billfish Tournament ? One Bajan flounders while another has a good catch

    Remember when we spoke a of a Bajan who had a good chance at a Billfish Tournament? Well, Adrien Johnson did not fare so well, then again, some of the Barbados contingent did not have smooth sailing either… “Wednesday, the 2nd day of fishing saw early trouble for Talking Blues (Trinidad) who had a prop […]

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  14. USA expats, want a deduction the IRS can?t touch? Take a trip to Barbados!

    One of the things Barbados has in common with the United States is that April is tax-time, theirs on the 15th while ours is by the 30th… Here we can claim on – being a union member; our performing house renovations; belonging to a credit union/plus having savings of a certain value there and having […]

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  15. Any City Travels in March or April – Use Curfew of 10 ’til 4 only! One month behind? No Big Deal!!

    Recently there was a Town Hall meeting at St Leonard’s Church about what traffic restrictions to expect during the Barbados leg of the series, and that opened as many questions as they sought to answer!Present were Desmond Sabir and Cheryl Bennett-Inniss of MPT/Ministry of Public Transport & Works; Inspector Hugh Blades of the RBPF/Royal B’dos […]

    February 6, 2007Controversy, Cricket, Featured1 comment
  16. CWC 2007 – lacks so much buzz, that apiaries are welcome

    The most damning piece of commentary on the current status of the CWC 2007, has to be from Felicia Persaud, usually I try to break down what is being said into bite-sized chunks, but her ingredients are too rich to be delivered in any other way than the original multi-course meal, while this editorial is […]

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  17. Sports Tourism ignored too long, says former Davis Cup contestant

    The same way regional governments have fallen head over heels in doing every possible and impossible thing for the Cricket World Cup then they can pay better attention to other sporting events as a means of drawing overseas spectators. Lionel Eli, a Bajan who was a former Davis Cup also-ran and is now a top […]

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  18. Two cups and The Earthrace too? Whuh’s dat den?

    If I could take holidays during March and/or April? I would have, but due to the nature of my work I can’t, so I have to prepare with my colleagues for the onslaught of calypsonian Malik‘s best beloved topic as well as the sport of Kings down at the Garrison! So why am I not […]

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  19. Barbados & Canada: What?s In It For Us? Are we Heath or Gyllenhaal?

    “Offshore low-tax centres, such as Barbados, boost the Canadian economy by providing a cheap conduit to the world. That aids our competitiveness” So says Walid Hejazi of Canada’s Financial Post. But what are the return benefits to Barbados?Mr Hejazi sings the praises of OFC‘s or Offshore Financial Centres and how they boost Canada’s competitiveness in […]

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  20. Bad News? No Joey! – Good News? This Blog draws readers from Canada!

    It seems that Joey Stevens the popular weather man from WSEE had to cancel at the last minute in getting here for the Super Bowl at Bert’s, we hope his work schedule allows him to come down for the Senators in March… That’s where the good news skates in – I had a comment posted […]

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  21. Lovely News: Bim is Number 3 for CNN Valentine?s list

    Finally, something to break the crime spree, LOL! CNN’s Travel Dept in its “Coastal Living” segment gave a Top Ten amorous escapades in time for February 14, and Barbados got the Bronze! The CNN report even has the correct abbreviated slang we use to refer to our nationality that is part of this blog’s title… […]

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  22. Barbados in top 20 of a global Jail List

    For the last few days, I haven’t been able to move away from crime, this time it’s to do with an overseas survey… The International Centre for Prisons Studies at King’s College in London says the Caribbean remains one of the highest prison population rates in the world… As for Barbados we unfortunately have made […]

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  23. Broadmoor & Lancashire: Two models for Barbados not to follow!

    Well, I had a good rant the other day about the death penalty in Lancashire, then when I was driving to home from work yesterday I heard the Market Vendor on Starcom Network and it was like insult to injury for what I saw the other day about a (disgusting) Bajan in the UK… Not […]

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