Attn – NC 17: Many Bajans shocked at Hip-Hop performer’s treatment of woman

Got this e-mail a few days ago in my Hotmail account, it seems to have originated from South Africa since November last year, but it did not reach our shores until January 2007 (I kept the original communique for the MIME-signal) This is a .GIF formatted picture where you see Jay-Z reacting to an unauthorized Photo in South Africa, last week…

” — he should be held accountable for this one! For all you Jay-Z fans. Is this the way we want our South African women to be treated??? How would he feel if his mother/sister/or his precious Beyonce were treated in this fashion? A room full of men” and nobody does anything. This is surely going to taint his image. They said that he tried to pay the lady off quickly so that it didn’t get out. Guess they were too late!

The fact this was sent to so many ppl at the same time in each FWD-ing (yours truly included) shows the level of shock associated with this nastiness, even worse than Jay-Z bitch slapping the sista, was the fact none of the men even spat at him in contempt – it was like “No Big Deal

I don’t know what you take me as
or understand the intelligence that Jay-Z has
I’m from rags to riches nigga I ain’t dumb
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one
Hit me?
Jay-Z “99 Problems”

One sympathiser invokes plausible logic on the situation – “...
if Jay-Z did hit her maliciously theres a 9 out of 10 chance that she would have sued and we would have heard about this a long time ago. Think people. Think!

Nice try, bub, this is what the former pimp and crack dealer said on his own behalf – ““We were playing. We were laughing and joking around,” [he added] “She’s one of my best friends.” {Editor’s Note: Isn’t that usually said when the stealth bomber has done dropped its load?} “I’m a man with a lot of pride,” Jay-Z said. {Ed’s. Note Redux – H’mmm, pride can send you in a rage, right? Do stupid things?}

Yet another sympathiser when The Jigga visited Nigeria had this to say – “that video u saw of him slapping that girl is not really what you think it is. if u saw or own the ?backstage:hard knock life tour? dvd [then you’d see] him and his old school friend are play fighting – they always play fight like that.” So where’s the laughter after?

Another site follows suit – “But the footage, which is currently being streamed on website HIPHOPDX.COM, has been dismissed as taken “out of context” by a spokeswoman for the star…

That footage was taken completely out of context. They were just horsing around.” Backstage follows Jay-Z on his 1999 HARD KNOCKS tour with METHOD MAN, DMX, REDMAN and JA RULE.

[That] same year (’99) the rapper – who is now dating BEYONCE KNOWLESpleaded guilty to stabbing UNTERTAINMENT RECORDS boss LANCE RIVERA, for which he was sentenced to three years probation.

Okay, that’s why no big deal on the slap, he could have knifed the slut, right? So therefore this en’t as bad? **Choopze** Play or not, the only time a slap should occur from man to woman is pure self defense where you’re left no choice!

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