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  1. New Romantic Comedy with popular Barbadian calypsonian came from pen of Bajan Dancer & Detective Author

    Anyone who knows Anderson Armstrong knows he as a long history for such a young fellow – he has worked at No 1 Record Shop on Independence Square; a Teen Talent competitor in Richard Stoute’s landmark showcase for culling young local performers; the lead male vocalist in Square One and now… Actor? Yup, he appears […]

    February 28, 2007Books, Culture, Featured1 comment
  2. Literary Detective Character is from Barbados

    You ever hear of Tim Smith? Me neither, but when I surfed cyberspace to see what Bajan things or events were happening this leapt at me – “He’s as cool as a Pina Colada on a Key West beach, he’s the kind of guy your mother wouldn’t let you play with and he’s every bad […]

    February 27, 2007Crime, Featured, News1 comment
  3. Barbadian performer goes straight to cyberspace with their music video – Tempo & VH1 lose to Internet

    YouTube is a direct video website that is now a part of Google family and you’d be surprised how many Bajans are taking advantage of its purpose – this same site is the biggest competitor for MTV and its subsidiary Tempo… No wonder, many artists are now skipping their own managers as well as tv […]

    February 26, 2007Featured, Music, News1 comment
  4. Bragging: Internationally acclaimed journal popular on all seven seas, LOL

    **Update: see list** It has been two months that this News Blog has been running and it has pulled anywhere between 110 to 120 readers a day! But thanks to Site Meter, I know where they originate for the most part… Barbados (primary fan base) – St George, St Michael, Bridgetown, etc.China – Fujian, Beijing, […]

    February 26, 2007Featured, News3 comments
  5. (Shameless Plug) Canadian University lecturer praises Bajan author for “Tree Of Youth” collection

    In April last year, a mutual friend of my mother‘s and myself hosted a Book Launch at Pelican Gallery in the City… This was “Tree Of Youth” and the author/friend is Robert Edison Sandiford. Robert is a man of many talents – he has his own erotic graphic novel, a regular reviewer for Antigonish, as […]

    February 25, 2007Books, Featured, Review1 comment
  6. (NSFW?) Did he or didn’t he? Look what Oba’s getting! No wonder the born-again thing went thru de Eddoes…

    CBC-News actually initiated a story that for days on the Internet had everyone pondering its veracity – that Marion Jones from the USA would soon become Mrs. Obadele Thompson; in fact when I saw the item, I went on Obadele‘s website and used the Contact Us section to send a quick note to his father, […]

    February 25, 2007Athletics, Controversy, Featured4 comments
  7. Barbados Free Press locates a snag in CWC 2007: “Terrorists” from Delhi, sanctioned by BTA Head

    Over the years, the Tourism Authority has come under fire for many things – ex-president Earlyn Shuffler‘s salary as well as the “Dream Team” of Tom Hill & Errol Griffith (who each stayed a year then split); their treatment of Hugh Foster & Calvin Hope when restructuring as well as numerous little marketing glitches (eg: […]

    February 25, 2007Controversy, Cricket, Featured1 comment
  8. (Shameless Plug) Marine Stewardship Pilot Project

    The Barbados Marine Trust Seeks to fill positions in marine stewardship for a 12 month pilot project that focuses on educating the general public on the handling of Barbados?s marine resources. The project shall take place in Carlisle Bay and begins officially on February. Candidates will be PAID and should care for? – the environment […]

    February 24, 2007Editorial, News, Travel2 comments
  9. Barbados? sunny ways attract Bermuda?s attention: James Husbands may not only export to Nigeria

    If you live in St John or St Joseph and you take an early morning bath, you know you usually end up with no gonads for the chill-factor (experienced it myself, in early 90’s and never wanted to go through it again, either). Obviously, Solar Dynamics would make a lot of money in these areas […]

    February 24, 2007Business1 comment
  10. Hoe led down Garden Path: Canadian Reviewers prune Clarke’s Book-Turned-Play

    For all of the fanfare and hullabaloo – Austin “Tom” Clarke’s “Polished Hoe” hit a rock by way of Canadian Reviewers… This is some of what Canoe had to say – “Part of the problem here is in the performances, for despite [Tony] Thompson‘s formidable presence there is no depth to back it up, and […]

    February 24, 2007Crime, Entertainment, Featured, Review1 comment
  11. Attn – NC 17: Many Bajans shocked at Hip-Hop performer’s treatment of woman

    Got this e-mail a few days ago in my Hotmail account, it seems to have originated from South Africa since November last year, but it did not reach our shores until January 2007 (I kept the original communique for the MIME-signal) This is a .GIF formatted picture where you see Jay-Z reacting to an unauthorized […]

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  12. (Follow-Up) More Brit kids playing poet bearing fruit: all are eyeing Barbados as their vacation

    Lucy Lewis, a ten year old lass from Bishop’s Stortford is a finalist for a Bajan vacation, but now she has a close competitor in seven year old Edward Dutton of Radlett – “I’m an enormous pumpkin, I grew in Edward’s plot. In the October sunshine, I glow orange and hot. I won first prize […]

    February 23, 2007TravelNo comments
  13. Bajan hits soccer net eight times: Hero for Harrogate

    Rohan Thomas is the hero of Harrogate right now as the Bajan’s feet blazed four goals against Doncaster in Granby on Feb. 17th – it’s the first victory for his team this year, but in reality this makes a total of eight goals for the talented striker… “Barbados international Thomas then hit another four on […]

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  14. (Shameless Plug) Hilton Barbados: Loves Its Staff but booed in NY Post

    In life, there are some folk who like to slap at things without qualification (like try to cast aspersions on ppl who have been working at an entity for years when they just joined and they claim those ppl are now total slackers – amazing, since the pot calling the kettle black have not even […]

    February 22, 2007TravelNo comments
  15. Barbadian Cricketer visits homeland as competitor in CWC 2007

    Thomas Wolfe has an overquoted aphorism that “You can’t go home again” – George Codrington is gonna try and prove that wrong during the Cricket World Cup next month, not only returning to his where “…he navel-string bury” as we like to say – but on Canada‘s team as part of the ICC Games at […]

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  16. Basseterre on High Alert: Anonymous Consumers judging their service practices! Bim should follow suit!

    I was zipping through Caribbean 360 today and see that over in St Kitts and Nevis the Government there has requested a company to send visitors to that Federation so as to gauge the level of service tendered to shoppers. This is known as “mystery shoppers“, this can be very enriching for a company to […]

    February 21, 2007TravelNo comments
  17. Brag on Blog Statististics: Did Hockey fans help?

    The Ottawa Senators credit using the ‘Net as their success for their latest contest – “The Hockey Night in Barbados micro-website had 472,226 visits, while the Senators site had 1,185,26. Launched in November 2006, the Hockey Night in Barbados contest invited fans to submit short videos online, showcasing their team spirit. Semi-finalists were featured on […]

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  18. Follow-Up: Kittitian Inquiry Winds Up – Bajan to deliver his findings soon!

    Back in Mid-January, we told you that a Bajan was heading an inquiry over in Basseterre on an alleged sick-out by members of St Kitts’ police at the same time there were protracted wage talks on their behalf… Now, the Sun St Kitts says Charles Blades is soon to make known his deliberations on the […]

    February 18, 2007Controversy, NewsNo comments
  19. (Follow-Up) Everyone has great time despite flaws, it was not all it’s cracked up to be for others in Kensington’s shadow…

    As the Mighty Sparrow used to blurt in one of his calypsoes – “WE LIKE IT SO” and so it went for the nearly complete Kensington Oval – this is essentially the view put forward by The Guardian, “The start of the World Cup is 22 days away and yesterday the renewed Kensington Oval in […]

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  20. Bajan Designer wows Antigua

    Toni Thorne is on her way to becoming a successful “fashionista“, but she also has secret desires of being a cheerleader as a result of childhood games… “She recalls moments as a child when her parents would allow her to dress up in whatever she concocted and wear out to the Supermarket or to relatives.“ […]

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  21. Follow-Up: Gore heads “Live Earth” – fights Global Warming

    Remember Al Gore and Richard Branson teamed up to encourage scientists to stop Global Warming? It’s gone one step further – The former Vice President, along with a host of celebrities, has launched an effort to raise climate change awareness that will include a music concert on all seven continents. So set your diaries for […]

    February 17, 2007Controversy, News, TechnologyNo comments
  22. The Scarlet Avenger: A pulp-serial revival? (beware, near spoilers)

    While I was too young to have seen serials like “The Perils Of Pauline” (although CBC when it was Channel 3, used to show them every Saturday morning not so long ago – at least for me, shh) and “Flash Gordon” in person, I do recall how “Indiana Jones” and “Tales Of the Gold Monkey” […]

    February 17, 2007Cinema, Crime, Entertainment, Featured1 comment
  23. Follow-Up: Polished Hoe – Bajan ads on Canadian TV

    She has played Storm‘s voice in the animated X-Men, been a judge as well as a legal secretary on TV, played a jealous stifling mother in Honey with Jessica Alba… Now she gets to return to her Caribbean, and – even better, her Bajan roots… To my mind, she has never wanted to be anything […]

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  24. Follow Up: Kensington – UK very forgiving, in similar boat!

    Ppl may think I am being very harsh on the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the games to come, and the Grand Re-Opening today, but we have to remember that excellence has been the cry as the benchmark for making the matches a success! Well, that newspaper which has the same birthdate as moi, has […]

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  25. Follow-Up: Local Gaol is Hot Topic, Brit Banned?

    You’ll recall shortly before Valentine’s, I spoke of Terry Donaldson – the man brave enough to say what happened when Glendairy was charred almost to the ground – well? According to the February 16th 2007 edition of Heat Magazine, Donaldson received an Unwelcome Mat in the form of a letter from the ministry in charge […]

    February 17, 2007Controversy, Crime, Editorial, Featured, OddityNo comments