How many Goths are there in Bim?

The Vampire Name Generator is designed to be used for gothic role playing games like White Wolf’s Vampire: The Requiem, and Vampire: The Masquerade, and also the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG.

In the USA, I can believe there are a good few who are into this – but I am amazed that some of my local Instant Messenger pals are into this [e.g. simpligoth, Gothic, and there are quite a few Sunbeach users who have webpages devoted to this] at the risk of creating chaos – I find many white Bajan males and many Bajan black females are into it, from what I’ve seen so far? If you dig Blade and Lost Boys, then Zero Hunters is probably for you, if you like comics via the Internet… My favorite strip at webcomicsnation is Kitty Litter since she bears a striking resemblance to Mimmo, one of my cats!

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  1. I am a Black 1st Gen Barbadian-American living in BIM.
    I am in my late 20’s and I have a part of the Goth Subculture from since my preteen while living in Barbados. I was one of the very few truly interested and felt super comfortable in my skin and made me feel attractive and free. I didn’t have internet or cable TV so there was a part of my teens that wasnt exposed to many of the media’s negative and very wrong stereotypes of Goth, in fact I wasnt called Goth until my mid to late teens to propt me to look into it.

    In BIM I can say from experience majority, if not all of “Goths” here are Baby Bats/Mallgoths and get over it and “move on” in a matter of months, or stay in the Babybat years and never fully grow into it. (Babybat is a goth now getting into the subculture who doesnt know its orgin, the music, how to dress, follow all the negatives and misconceptions of Goth and give a bad name to the Subculture)

    NO Blade or any movie has not influenced me as I stated without cable or internet for a long time I wasnt exposed and so I went with what i felt and the music I was given and GOTH IS NOT DEMONIC/DEVIL WORSHIP/DOMINATRIX/DEPRESSION/SATANIC or anything Bajans LOVE to throw those terms around like marbles. Its a MUSIC SUBCULTURE and also FASHION and finding beauty in dark (DARK NOT EVIL) things. And believe me there are males interested in it here, but because of every man super Homophobic and seems to think all gay men are after them to rape them, they stone or beat up or even try to kill anyone who would dress Goth because that is “being a bulla” in the common Bajan’s eye.

    Believe me, there are not much Goths in BIM, if you see someone remotely dressing in spikes and all black , there are still going to Taboo and Reggae on the Hill and blasting dub and dancehall on their Blackberry, and its phase for them that they will get over or still stuck in the Babybat phase.

    Goth (and Metalheads) are a very few and VERY FAR in between and Barbados is not a healthy place for the scene to flourish sadly. Society here, hates us.


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