3 Bootleg DVD’s or $30 at Olympus Expo?

With very little heralding of messengers or Media attention, Olympus Expo have revised their entrance fee…

Adult matinee$11.00
Children matinee (12 & under)$8.00
Adult evening$15.00
Adult evening (Tuesdays)$10.00
Children evening (12 & under)$5.00
Babies in arms 1 year and underAdmitted free
University students with I.D.$12.50

There has been some furious debating on this in Xtreme Chat and most of it opposes but there are some who say if it was the ppl own company, they would think in a similar vein – but the coin can fall either way, eh?

Is this a move to push folk into non-member status of Olympus VIP?

ALL SEATS $20.00 (for members and non-members)

Membership is not required to attend OLYMPUS VIP. However, membership has its privileges?


  1. VIP photo ID and debit card
  2. Advanced ticketing
  3. Reservations by phone
  4. Vote on upcoming films
  5. Special members discounts for film festivals
  6. Receive the weekly film schedule by email
  7. Invitations to special VIP events
  8. VIP gift package
  9. Discounts at select local restaurants
  10. Gift coupons from local sponsors throughout the year


Perhaps if Phil Harden offered at least a certain number of free movies based on single, couple or family membership then ppl would be more inclined to invest in the card-carrying status of the other side of Olympus, nevertheless, it begs the question as to what effect the move will have on Bootleg DVD‘s? It is widely known you can get one almost anywhere in the island for at least ten dollars!

In fact, if you have discerning taste for old movies and can appreciate black and white or film set to digital, there is a shop (which also repairs watches and sells CD cases and cases for cells, etc.) in the same Sheraton that offers legit DVD’s for ten dollars each made in Canada.

They have a wide variety – Flash Gordon with Buster Crabbe and Charles Middleton as Ming The Merciless; Concrete Cowboys with Jerry Reed and Tom Selleck; Topper Returns; My Man Godfrey; Fred Astaire the dancer and many others…

What will the average Bajan do in the end? Unfortunately, they do better at silent and polite suffering than Job, if it was Jamaica or Haiti then flaming tyres would done be in the road and their smoke filling half the sky. This was part of what Miguel Drayton was hinting at in his mockumentary, From Barbados With Love. Bajans may have a high tolerance but sometimes you have to stand up for what is right and just! Knowing when and where for any generation of Bajans will be difficult at best…

So ppl will grumble and either – pay the money and go to VIP/Globe Cinema or Drive-In depending on their level of ghetto-tolerance; or quietly stock their Bootleg DVD’s and skip films altogether! Sad, I myself love the big-screen… This then may create a new market for large-screen TV’s which ppl can ill afford with rents, mortgages, food bills and petrol fluctuating the way it is at the moment.

I remember how Malcolm X said to let your spending money & your ballot be your bullets and this is part of what he meant with, “By Any Means Necessary!” Vote where you feel the candidate reflects your interests and follows through, he has 5 years to make sure you vote for him again; as for your budget will you spend where you are either affronted or insulted?

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  1. I think it seems that Olympus is showing bootleg copies of movies and their customer service sucks.

    Went to the olympus last night to watch eragon during the movie about 25-35 mins the surround sound just went I was basically watching a silent movie in colour…..went downstairs to complain about the sound…one of the lady’s told me that the sound comes back up…I thought to myself what kind of rubbish is this…don’t they screen films before they show them.

    After the movie went to the customer service desk to complain about what happened saying that for $15 it wasn’t worth it and wanted a refund.

    A British couple also complained and said they wanted back their money….we were rudely directed to the box office downstairs.

    While at the box office the British couple is trying to explain themselves saying that the movie sound just went and they wanted a refund…the girl @ the box office obviously who has no training in manners whatsoever shouted at us stating that they don’t give back refunds….pushing the sign @ the window.

    We asked how the hell can you show a picture like that without alerting the public that something is wrong with it and it will be at your discretion if you want to watch it or not.

    She claims that she knew nothing about what was going on and no one told her anything, and the most she can do is offer us is tickets to another show.

    No we wanted a refund.

    Eventually after a long half-hour argument with the girl we got a refund for the show.

    I prefer to buy a bootleg dvd for $10 before I go back to the olympus and pay for that kind of service.


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