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  1. Bim makes top 10 tropical hot list TWICE!! Cool way to cap 2006

    In doing a bit of cyber-surfing, I came across this article from the Independent (great newspaper, we have the same B’day – Oct 7th) and we made their top ten list not just once but twice! Nice way to conclude 2006, eh? “How can you find out about the best carnivals, the latest festivals, the […]

    December 31, 2006TravelNo comments
  2. Grinch turns a leaf and offers Barbados as an Olive branch

    Britain’s “X Factor” finalists may have been showered with praise, awarded recording contracts and a ticket to international stardom after the series finale but host Simon Cowell has continued giving them gifts. The famously acid-tongued music executive and talent show judge has spent thousands of dollars on runner-up Ray Quinn and winner Leona Lewis for […]

    December 30, 2006Entertainment, Featured, NewsNo comments
  3. Barbados sets its prayers on a winger for Cup

    Barbados wings in Louis Soares for the Digicel Caribbean Cup tournament. The 21 year old winger, will become the first Aldershot player to be capped while playing for the club if he is selected. Aldershot Town Boss Terry Brown told the Shots website: “This will do his confidence the world of good, as will the […]

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  4. How many Goths are there in Bim?

    The Vampire Name Generator is designed to be used for gothic role playing games like White Wolf’s Vampire: The Requiem, and Vampire: The Masquerade, and also the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. In the USA, I can believe there are a good few who are into this – but I am amazed that some of […]

    December 29, 2006Entertainment, Featured, News1 comment
  5. Too many accidents – Drive Carefully should be part of the New Year’s Resolutions for all

    As 2006 gets ready to implement its living will and 2007 is readying its birth certificate, apart from death and taxes being certain – so is traffic! With the onset of the Cricket World Cup, I have no plans to assay Bridgetown if I can avoid it! Especially Fontabelle and Kensington – it’s bad enough […]

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  6. I say, pass the Banks, what?

    Now people could get vex at the story from the Daily Telegraph, a known Conservative/Tory mouthpiece how the family of Tony Blair jumps here when Question Time in the House Of Commons gets a bit rough – but I think we should use this as proof that Barbados is the liming capital of the Caribbean! […]

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  7. Gifted Re-Gifter: Bajan Xmas Hits Thru The Years

    Tamara Marshall was last sharing her vast repertoire at the Hilton and now has released an album of what is her Xmas Hits over the years. Printed without a label nor ads to support the album, “Christmas in the Son” is a ten-track compilation, approximately 40 minutes which is concise as CD’s run nowadays. The […]

    December 27, 2006Featured, Music, Review1 comment
  8. 3 Bootleg DVD’s or $30 at Olympus Expo?

    With very little heralding of messengers or Media attention, Olympus Expo have revised their entrance fee… Adult matinee $11.00 Children matinee (12 & under) $8.00 Adult evening $15.00 Adult evening (Tuesdays) $10.00 Children evening (12 & under) $5.00 Babies in arms 1 year and under Admitted free Seniors $12.50 University students with I.D. $12.50 There […]

    December 26, 2006Controversy, Entertainment, Featured1 comment
  9. Down by the River Jordan?

    Got this in my e-mail, and have no idea if true or not? It allegedly was sent to a Rhandi Forde from a Joy Forde? So it is edited accordingly; – “…I know that Christmas is a busy time and the supermarkets are busiest. However I visited [a Popular West Coast] Supermarket on Saturday 23rd […]

    December 24, 2006Controversy, Featured, NewsNo comments
  10. Speed Bandits? Titillating!

    This movie was made by the Danish Road Safety Council and aims to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits in Denmark. Despite a decrease in speed violations, 7 out of 10 Danes still exceed the speed limit on a regular basis. Respecting the speed limits is the simplest way to save lives.

    December 23, 2006Controversy, Featured, News, OddityNo comments
  11. Mojo’s: Breeding Ground for Bajan Alternative Underground

    Mojo is now the happening place for those of you who want something different from the Jamaican dub and US rap which has obliterated the Trini pan and Bajan calypsoes. This may be alternative, but it is homegrown and not imported stuff! Recently the Worthing establishment was graced by an impromptu session from Fitzroy Jeffers […]

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  12. Skitsomania: Shameless Plug for Pals

    Skitsomania is a very popular comedy show from Barbados. These are a series of skits, improv games and songs are strung together by a team of versatile actors including Second City alumni – Brian Smith.The accent is on fast and furiously funny material and characters. Skitsomania is successful because the performers are among the best […]

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  13. Sylvester Tudaze Stallone: Son Of Simon

    He came in on a damp June night, snarling as he was wet, dirty, skinny and with a really bad cold – then he never left… I never forgot that evening – I was eating spaghetti after watching the only good movie Jennifer Lopez ever made, “Enough.” Being black and white like our other cat […]

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  14. Documenting Mental Slavery to Mock It

    Mockumentary is one of the new “portmanteau” or combo-words of the 21st Century to indicate a film is a fake documentary covering a given set of circumstances or an event or what led to a situation ? for the most part, they are humourous. Sometimes they are serious like the Canadian movie which was released […]

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  15. Before The Sunset

    After watching ?After The Sunset? from late 2004 with Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Rupee?s music the other night for the first time since its original release, then I was flipping through the channels it suddenly occurred to me how many movies over the decades have been inspired or set in the Caribbean? (For those […]

    December 23, 2006Entertainment, Featured, Music3 comments