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  • The accident involved motor truck driven by Reginald Broomes of My Lords Hill, St. Michael and a motor cycle driven by Marius Springer, 28 years of Packers, St. Patrick, Christ Church.  As a result, of the collision Springer received multiple serious injuries and was transported to the QEH.  He is currently in a serious condition.  It has been reported that another vehicle was involved.

    Public appeal for witnesses: Serious accident – ABC highway

  • {IMAGE VIA - nme.com} More importantly, why did Beyoncé not lift a finger to stop the beat down? In all of our eyes, this last behaviour demonstrated to us that something was amiss in paradise. Whatever the problem was, Beyoncé seemingly felt as if Jay Z did indeed deserve the beat down, as she did not lift a finger to help her man.

    RELATIONSHIPS by Sandy Daley: “Do All Men Cheat? – The Beyoncé & Jay Z saga continues!”

  • Fortunately, in relation to Chikungunya, while the number of cases has increased, the disease has not reached worrying proportions. There is, however, continuing need for public education about the measures required to prevent its spread and to manage it once it is contracted. Further, governments have to strengthen the machinery within their countries to eradicate, as far as they can, mosquitoes that are the carriers of Chikungunya. Measures should also be established at border entries to ensure, as far as possible, that persons entering Caribbean countries - even from within the region - are not already infected. This latter step would be more effectively and productively implemented by all Caribbean countries, acting together, on an agreed plan.

    “Kamla is right: Joint Caribbean action vital to ensure no health crisis” By Sir Ronald Sanders

  • Yarde who suffered a gunshot injury was transported in a motor car to the QEH by unknown men on August 10th, 2014, and subsequently succumbed the same day while undergoing treatment.


  • Grannie Lyn was, among other things, a milliner, so Rosemary paints her in the midst of the girl-children, (her own and others) that she 'raised up', and as an added tribute, embroiders the canvas. Other works are painted over tea bags, 'dyed in the cup' during gatherings of friends and family; opened dried and stitched together they create these wonderful 'glowing-earth' back grounds, steeped in good memories and positive vibes.

    ‘Home and Heart’ Rosemary Pilgrim at the QPG; (Pelican Craft Centre) 16th August to 16th September 2014. Feature address by Lilian Sten-Nicholson, AICA

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