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  • Police warn they will have zero tolerance with former colleagues who violate their own code. (IMAGE VIA - El Nacional)

    Santo Domingan Police dismissed: downfall via charges of extortion, etc.

  • NASA said the entire event can be viewed by people in the Americas, while observers in the western Pacific will catch the second half of the event.

    A penumbral eclipse seen by most of Western Hemisphere.

  • Over the last few weeks, the company successfully completed upgrades in several areas around Barbados, making good on a promise made earlier this year by CEO, Mark Linehan, to invest heavily in providing customers with the enhanced data connectivity they have been craving.

    DIGICEL MEETING BARBADIANS’ APPEPTITE FOR 4G CONNECTIVITY – Implements 4G upgrades across the island

  • (Against US Gov't is a No-No like this dude, but against your own company? Read On!) If you have any additional questions, you may call the Whistleblower office at 801-620-2169.

    Awards for Reporting Tax Compliance Issues: Be an Edward Snowdon or Julian Assange, but not against Uncle Sam

  • (PERSONAL FILE IMAGE) Dr. DeLisle Worrell
Governor, Central Bank of Barbados
at the XXXIX Meeting of Network of Central Banks and Finance Ministries of Latin America and the Caribbean, Sponsored by the Inter American Development Bank
Washington, D.C.

    Governor of Central Bank of Barbados maintains Barbados has adequate levels of ForEx

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