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  • This way the bags are uniform and are used in a 'national standard' way, and if your house of 1 or 2 puts out only 1 bag of garbage per week - you pay a very fair annual fee of $52 to defray Sanitation Service Authority's costs, and a home putting out 10 such bags per week - will pay $520 per year.....even if a private entrepreneur decides to open a private garbage collection service (that will create jobs so good too) that people who generate a lot of garbage opt to use instead of the SSA... government will STILL make a profit by forcing EVERYONE to buy only the government brand of garbage bag (an inspector at the dump can reject/fine any 'unsanctioned' bags entering the dump-site).....we put many protectionist policies in place over the years, so making it mandatory that ALL garbage bags of this 'ideal' size are re-packaged in the government approved packaging before being allowed to be sold to the public is not impossible to do.


  • (CLICK FOR BIGGER) New treatment is now available in Trinidad, an innovative therapy that increases the possibility of cure from this illness up to 80% in patients infected by the Hepatitis C virus, genotype 1.

    WORLD HEPATITIS DAY, JULY 28th – Hepatitis C virus is main cause of liver transplants in the world

  • The ring girls also seem to want to participate?

    Caribbean Fight League – Massacre 6 MMA in Barbados, 23rd August

  • Upon entering the gallery you are struck with "Breathe," an ethereal winged woman watching over the room. Her figure is suspended, framed on either side with ink on paper wings about 15 inches behind her. She exists on several planes as layers of sail cloth, each containing a portion of her body. When lit from behind she comes together, giving her dimension and motion.

    Asher Mains’ “Re/Vision” Solo exhibition at Art and Soul Gallery by Christina Cornier

  • Six years ago, Arthur claimed he's just a Backbencher yet many Bajans feel he went on to stab Mia in the back, is that what was really meant? Sadly, it all resembles that proverbial cricket match where one boy brings a bat and ball, but as his own pal, as Umpire, declares him LBW? He takes up same gear to leave in a fit of revenge...

    Boon Or Bane? Owen Arthur departs BLP in hissy fit: says remainder of Term as Independent, really?

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