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  • Professor Sir Trevor Hassell, President of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and Edward Clarke, Chief Operating Officer Sagicor Life Inc and General Manager - Barbados Operations, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two entities in 2012, creating a partnership in regional wellness.

    Chronic Disease Among Children & Adolescents is Alarming for Medical and Insurance Experts

  • The embattled Cabinet Minister is under much heat still for the hastily drawn up Municipal Solid Waste Tax which many Barbadians are loathe to pay, yet are being forced (illegally, according to the Bar Association) to pay it if they want a Land Tax receipt


  • (L-R): Alex Tasker, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, ICBL; Rhonda Blackman, President of the NCPTA; Erwin Jones, Treasurer of the NCPTA; and Ingrid Innes, CEO and Managing Director, ICBL, at the close of this morning's presentation to the NCPTA

    Barbadian students earn education opportunities & meet their basic needs via ICBL donation

  • Mr. Michael James, senior agriculture officer in charge of plant pathology, plant protection, and epidemiology in the Barbados Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will participate in U.S. Government-sponsored professional exchange.

    Barbadian Michael James to participate in U.S. Government-Sponsored Professional Exchange

  • We wish to reiterate that the strike was completely unexpected and Management is unaware of the reason for the action. We are awaiting word from senior executives of the Barbados Workers' Union to provide clarity on what may have sparked the industrial action which has impacted operations across the Group and affected our ability to service our more than 2000 customers.

    Banks Holdings Ltd on Wildcat Strike? Exactly!

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