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  • Wayne Young arrived by air from Guyana on Wednesday 29th October and was interviewed by Police. He was referred to Customs and had his luggage examined. Seven (7) packages of cocaine weighing 6 kilos, and twelve (12) packages of cannabis weighing 17 lbs were discovered in his luggage.


  • {IMAGE VIA - energyrant.com} One of the opportunities Mr. Springer emphasised was that an investment in solar energy could be financed in a mortgage switch, thus taking advantage of the low rate offered on Saturday.  "People can save from the low rate and they'll also save long term from having solar electricity," he noted.  Solar supplier Solaris Energy will be on hand on Saturday.

    Home Expo to Feature “Green Energy” Solutions This Weekend, be at Wildey on Saturday

  • "I was arrested once, and convicted for defaming the president," Angolan journalist and human rights activist Rafael Marques recounted in an interview with IPI that is featured in the campaign. "I was not allowed to present any evidence in court. And that is how I was convicted."

    IPI launches #WEWANTCHANGE press freedom campaign

  • Classes are held at Dalkeith on Saturday afternoons, they're being done in association with Sagicor which just hosted the launch of the programme at its Wildey, St Michael offices...

    Too much Social Media, not enough Conflict Resolution – Barbadian educator and Union alarmed at growing trends

  • {IMAGE VIA - sflcn.com} Prime Minister Lamothe said this new development is the result of the high-level bilateral dialogue between Haitian and Dominican counterparts, instituted in the aftermath of the adoption, by the Dominican Republic's constitutional Tribunal, of a ruling that stripped thousands of Dominicans of Haitian decent of their nationality.

    Truce? Perestroika? Haitian beer & rum can be sold in Dominican Republic

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