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  • {IMAGE VIA -  fairtrade.ca} In the Caribbean, there has been a growing concern over child labor and indirect forms of begging. Children are being seen working various forms of street hustling like the selling of counterfeit movies, stolen electronic devices, or local produce like fruits and vegetables. In more severe cases, child's rights advocates have reported high incidents of child sexual abuses by children who are expected to provide for themselves. These  economic burdens that are placed on children can have devastating impacts on their lives. Many of these children are lured in various forms of illicit activities like child pornography, thief, gang-violence and child-trafficking.


  • At this year's meeting, Bernadette Lewis, Secretary General of the CTU, will present to the meeting her report on the CTU's performance and its progress on ongoing projects. Lewis' is the tough but necessary task of steering the CTU's efforts in creating a harmonised approach to Caribbean telecommunications development, a major issue facing the region's technology and telecommunications sectors. In her presentation, she will update members on how the work of the CTU has advanced since the previous council meeting, held in Suriname on April 8 to 9.

    St Kitts and Nevis to host Caribbean ICT Week

  • Grand Prize Winner Anthony Peters (Left) and Peter Ellis, Commercial Director

    The FLOW Summer Blockbuster, Starring: Anthony Peters

  • But saddest of all is when both a book series and TV series go south almost simultaneously, such as Bon Temps, Louisiana via page last year and HBO's cataclysmic finale just a few weeks ago. Waited to do it once gauging enough time passed for Spoiler possibilities as remote, if you are only now watching True Blood on DVD or reading Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire series then you may wish to skip this until you read or watched all if not most of them...

    From Barsoom to Bon Temps, when books & TV series jump the shark – can fans save it?

  • {IMAGE VIA - dalje.com} From initial investigations, Browne was at the Oistins Bay Gardens where he was involved in an altercation with another man when he was stabbed under his left breast.  He ran from there to the Oistins Police Station where he collapsed and died outside the main gate to the front yard of the station.


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