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  • Last year, Watson entered his Audi quattro S1, which attracted a lot of attention, but caused the team endless problems. Will adds: "One of the highlights was the first stage at Bushy Park, with our good friends Allan Mackay and Mo Downey having big issues with the Anglia WRC and ourselves breaking the wishbone off the start line. The Audi and Anglia completed the stage side by side, going as fast as they could - about 10 mph - but the sound from the crowds was amazing, we could hear through our helmets."

    HONOUR AT STAKE IN SOL RALLY BARBADOS 2015: Philliskirk joins Barbados regulars on Red Kite Stages

  • This year's festival kicks off with an educational seminar for secondary and tertiary education students and exhibition which opens on February 19 and runs until the February 22. On February 20 patrons can enjoy a night of films selected from both China and the Caribbean under the light of the new moon.


  • A masked man, armed with a firearm, entered the bank and stole an undisclosed sum of money. No one was injured.  The culprit escaped and ran towards Deacons Road.


  • While most Eastern Caribbean countries have met the target of lowering HIV transmission to newborns to below two percent, Barbados is unique in having not had an HIV positive baby on record for six consecutive years between 2007 and 2012, as well as in having met the goal for eliminating Syphilis. However, maintaining this record requires continued attention.

    Will Barbados be 1st country in the world to end HIV among children? Ministry of Health is moving quickly to certify the achievement

  • Managing Director Mr. Niall Sheehy said, "Staff development is an important, long-term policy of Columbus and our people are our most valuable asset. In addition to providing comprehensive training to our staff, we are committed to building a harmonious workplace and enabling our employees to strike a good balance between work and leisure. This year's Family Fun Day was the first we've ever held of its kind and it allowed every participant to embrace the culture of the team and the feeling of family.

    Columbus Management bowl Staff over on Errol Barrow Day

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